Lucky week number 13 in 5A

Greetings 5A Community

Field-trip to Women’s Museum

Our field trip to the Women’s Museum this morning was a clear highlight of our unit so far. The grade level learned a great deal about urban migration here in Vietnam. We were shown a number of personal stories from Vietnmaese women, who have made their way from small villages into Hanoi, to work as street vendors. I encourage you to follow up with your children at home this weekend by enquiring about some of the push and pull factors related to migration. 


In class this week, we have been looking at some of the vocabulary linked to our unit, specifically related to migration, push and pull factors, and the difference between forced and voluntary migration.  We have also read books about the migration experience, and begun a list of push and pull factors related to the stories we are reading. Next week we will continue our inquiries by examining our key concepts (change & perspective) in a little more detail. Students will also commit to a migrant story that they will retell at the Migration Museum on Wednesday, December 11.


In Maths, we have started to investigate division, using our base 10 blocks to help us visualise what is actually happening when we divide. Students had started to make connections between multiplication strategies and division strategies and used this knowledge to investigate the difference between partitive and quotitive division. We will continue to investigate this further next week as we introduce a fantastic method for solving division problems using an open array. 


In literacy, we have continued to pull apart the traditional narrative story arc, identifying different aspects of it as well as focussing in on some of the areas more closely. We identified an opportunity to add detail to the setting of the story of the Three Little Pigs and students used their creative writing skills to paint a rich picture for this description. Keep your eyes on SeeSaw for when we share these. 

Open Classrooms 

A reminder that Open Classrooms are designed as a structure that allows us to promote understanding of our programme and to strengthen relationships with our parent community. 

You are warmly invited to see what learning looks like in 5A;

Tuesday 19th November

Specialists classes for 5A are

  • 8:30 am Music
  • 9:25 am World languages

Homeroom times for 5A are

  • 10:35 am Maths
  • 11:30 am Literacy

Lock-down drill

Health and safety are one of our highest priorities at UNIS Hanoi.  We regularly practice evacuation drills with our students and staff to be sure that we can evacuate our campus quickly in case of an emergency.  

On Monday 18th November, we will be practicing a ‘lockdown drill’ inside the school.  This is an essential drill to practice in case there are times when it is safer to lock our students and staff inside the buildings – for examples, when there may be an intruder on campus.  

We have already spent time talking with the students about this and have practiced the procedure a number of times in class. Students are aware that this will be a practice and we have reiterated the following messages in our conversations:

  • That we should always listen to an authority figure for safety information
  • Practice means being prepared – knowing what to do keeps us as safe as possible
  • This is a ‘just-in-case’ plan – it’s like wearing a helmet when we ride our bikes. We wear helmets and knee pads when we skateboard. We don’t expect to fall, but if we do, we’ll be protected. Then we don’t have to worry. We can just ride our bikes and boards and not even think about falling, because we have the situation covered.

Naturally, if you have any questions or concerns in advance of Monday, please don’t hesitate contacting me via email.

Save the Dates

Monday 18th November – School Lock Down Drill

Tuesday 19th November – Open Classrooms

Wednesday 11th December – Migration Museum

Friday 13th December – Last day of school before Winter Break. 

Dinner time talk

  • What is the difference between partitive and quotitive division?
  • What are some of the Push and Pull factors for Vietnamese women who sell their products on the streets of Hanoi?
  • What do you think the base of the word migration is?


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