Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

Happy Wellness Week!  This past week we celebrated our UNIS community through a daily wellness workout via Zoom. We connected with our friends around the world and our school campus by doing yoga, aerobics, and fitness challenges all led by our PE Department. Celebrating Wellness Week was unique as we danced, stretched, and practiced mindfulness all the while in a mask and remaining physically distant from each other- challenging times! Please help your child to remember to bring their water bottle daily! This next week will be Arts Week so we are looking forward to celebrating Arts in some unique ways.

Remember way back when we had our Market Service Day in Grade 4? We raised 26,587,000 for the various local organizations that UNIS supports! We finally got the chance to donate our money during the International Day of Giving. Here is a photo of our donations making their way to the Advancement Office. 

Grade 4 Donations

Swimming will start this next week- check out these important reminders! The swimming unit will run from May 25th to June 9th for Grades 1-5. 

Any student that is not swimming will be participating in a physical fitness program during the PE lesson. 

There will not be any borrowing of swimming costumes, goggles, caps, or towels during this time.

If you have any questions, please contact the Aquatics Manager.


Last week, our narratives were based on Distance Learning, sharing our thoughts and experiences through the application of Adobe Sketch.  This week, students will tell the story of when we came back to school, using the application Adobe Spark Video.  Students will sift through various video clips of the first week back at school and compile them into a cohesive narrative.  Additionally, students will have access to stock footage and copyright free music to complete their videos.  Once published onto Seesaw, students will be given the opportunity to send their videos to our Advancement office to share with other schools around the world, schools that might be considering reopening their campuses.  


This week we have continued to look at ways to model, compare, and represent fractions through different materials. We have investigated what happens when the size of the whole has changed and have applied our learning to a real-life problem of a soup seller filling orders of pho. Here is a taste of the problem solving we have done this week.

These are Cuisenaire rods. They are a fantastic tool to use to compare fractions and develop and model the conceptual understanding of the relationship between the numerator and denominator. Ask your student questions like “If the light green rod is one half. Which rod is the whole?” or “If the orange rod is a whole, what fraction are the other rods?” Here is a link for online Cuisenaire rods. This site will give free online access through the end of June when you press “REDEEM”  and use the code CLOSURES2020SCHOOL.


We have been exploring a range of poetry, reading poems together, and performing spoken word examples in class. We have dissected a selection of poems and song lyrics to discover key parts included by authors young and old. We have identified some different forms of poetry and have begun to write our own, finding out along the way that we are great poets! We plan to express ourselves by performing our works next week, using the green screen in the Maker space.


This week we worked on perfecting our fluency and phrasing as we recorded our Readers Theater. We challenged ourselves by working with our friends and remaining focused. We offered each other constructive feedback on our performances and took risks to add characterization to our oral presentations. We also mapped out our stories to see the connection between our narrative writing and Readers Theatre.



Our First Full Week

This week was our first full week of school, and boy was it an exciting one.

In our literacy times, we focused on the story of our names and our feelings associated with hearing our names. We read two beautiful stories, The Name Jar by Yangsook Choi about a young girl who came from Korea to America and didn’t like her name because it wasn’t “American” enough until she learned what her name meant and who it reminded her of- her country and her grandma. Students have been asked, and have posted some initial thoughts about their names, but we would like to dig deeper. If you have a story you could share about why you have named your child what you have- please respond to their Seesaw post about their name.

We also made it down the Maker Space! Now, that was exciting. Please ask your child about it and Big C.

And most importantly we worked out our essential agreements for how we will operate as 4D:


Welcome to the New School Year

Welcome to 4D where we’re so happy to welcome Fride, Keira, Hieu, and Hideaki to our school and especially our classroom. It is wonderful to see familiar faces and to hear the laughter and joy that school brings to so many of our students and teachers.

Our newbies and their buddies

The last three days we have been spending our time getting to know one another in order to build a strong and supportive learning community. We’re learning new routines and getting used to a new schedule as well- which has been challenging in this heat.

Early this next week I will share with you a formal schedule which has all the blanks filled in like math, literacy, and units of inquiry. But for your information here is the schedule sent home on Wednesday: