We Made It!

Wow, the holidays are finally upon us. Relax. I am hopeful that wherever you and your family are headed that you get to breathe in some fresh air and not think about AQI. Our students have been rockstars these last few days with the high AQI and being inside all-day long- absolute rockstars! Rest up this holiday because once we get back, lots are happening.

Once we get back from the holidays on January 6, 2020 (what?!), we will be in full Market Day swing. Students will be presenting their advertisements to the ES community, and the weekend of the 11/12 will be students creating their goods (ideally with your supervision). Market Day is Tuesday, the 14th of January, so a week after we get back!

In Math, we will dive deep into multiplication and division, so you might want to start practicing over the holidays.

The following week after Market Day is parent/student/teacher conferences on Wednesday, January 22. Followed by the Tet assembly, and then another holiday! Before you know it, we are in February.

Take care, and thank you for all of your support. Happy New Year!

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