4C: Celebrating our Community in Style

UN Day Gratitude

What an amazing morning and lunch we enjoyed on Monday. We’re so grateful for your support and active involvement as we celebrate the ideals of the United Nations. And, a big thank you to Inger for her organization, and to all the family members who helped organize our delicious lunch – we were extremely impressed by the amazing variety and selection of food!

Units of Inquiry: How the World Works >>>>>>>Sharing the Planet

In the coming days we’ll be launching Sharing the Planet. Students will be exploring the central idea that access to opportunities affects equity for all children. We’ll be inquiring into the rights of children, the circumstances that determine a child’s opportunity, and our responsibility towards equity.

On Tuesday, we’ll be putting students into random groups where they’ll experience strikingly different perspectives of equity depending on the ‘luck of the draw’. We anticipate kids will raise compelling questions and might come home disappointed (or delighted) at the lot they’ve drawn. We encourage you to reflect together over dinner that evening.

Our hope is to help your children consider and weigh their rights, privileges, and responsibilities as young citizens. You can expect details of some rewarding and eye-opening field trips in the weeks to come.

Volleyball Travel for Mr. Darren

One of my responsibilities is coaching the Junior Varsity Boys high school volleyball squad. It’s been a rewarding season and will culminate next weekend with the MRISA tournament in Ho Chi Minh. I’ll be traveling from Wednesday through Friday to attend this event. Your children will be under the tutelage of the wonderful Ms. Thao and Ms. Nicole during my absence, so you can rest assured they’ll be in good hands.

Estimation Station

This week’s estimation challenge for you and your family:

How many kids do you estimate are on stage?

What’s your ceiling (too high)? What’s your floor (too low)? What’s your estimate, with your reasoning (do better than “I guessed”)?

Grateful, as ever, for your support!