May 29th

Drawing, dancing, coloring and creating were in store for us each morning during the Arts Week at UNIS. And the creativity didn’t stop there. Our grade 4 students have been extremely busy focusing on How We Express Ourselves, throughout everything they have been doing this week. They have been writing and performing poetry, learning new skills using digital technology, using those new technology skills to help make a performance of their Readers Theater even that much more exciting, and finding out how shapes express themselves and how they have identifiable properties. There is a flurry of activity taking place in the grade 4 wing of the campus.

A couple of quick reminders to have a chat with your child about:


  • Why we have to wear masks at school and perhaps provide them with a few extra as they get pretty sweaty throughout the day
  • Appropriate use of language as we have some students who are using language their grandparents wouldn’t want to hear
  • Hydration and how our bodies need water to thrive and survive- some of our students are thinking they are camels but even camels need water 
  • The importance of being kind to others, everyone is doing their best right now, and we know we all get hot and tired and grumpy but being kind is essential


We are talking to the students about the above messages, however, a partnership between teachers and parents is essential for success for all.


We have integrated tech this week and produced a short recording of our favorite poems written last week. We used the maker space to record on the green screen and a workshop showed us how to use a green screen APP to produce the final piece. Check it out on SeeSaw! A great process with skills gained by all for future use 🙂

Unit of Inquiry:

This week we continue to ‘express ourselves’ with stop motion animation and custom audio design.  Students have learned advanced techniques for recording motion capture using a variety of readily available objects (i.e. clay, erasers, staplers, pencils…you name it!).  Stop motion recordings are then imported into iMovie for creating custom sound effects and character voices, bringing to life those inanimate objects. 


This week we have begun to dig deeper into an investigation into shapes. We have been making connections between language and history and the precise language used to describe shapes geometrically.

<iframe width=”629″ height=”354″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe> 

How would you sort these shapes? What are their properties? What precise vocabulary would you use to describe them?




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