Week 19 in 4B

Market Day

Wow!!!!! What an amazing job the the students from 4B did on Market Day. Despite having to move inside due to the high AQI the day was an outstanding success on so many levels.

4B raised over 9 320 000 VND and as a grade we raised over 27 000 000VND

The children completed SEE SAW posts about their experiences preparing for Market Day.

Here is Amelia Harman’s SEE SAW post which captures her reflection about the process.

Market Day 2020

My groups name eas Team Toys. We sold Fluffy slime in a box and in a cup and stress balls and popcorn, (cheese, caramel and salt) I discovered stress balls are not as easy as they look to make. I learned how hard it is to have a business even for only 2 hours and it takes lots of work and cooperation. I am proud of the way my group worked together we had some fights but we worked it out as a team. NowI understand more about setting up a business and how you have to research prices before you buy something to see which one is cheaper. The most important thing I have learned is how to set up a business. I am still confused about how we are going to get the money to the Chuc Son orphanage.  My group is donating to Chuc Son orphanage in Vietnam. We are donating to this place to help kids with disabilities have some fun so we are going to buy toys for them as a team. I was really interested when we got to make the things and sell the things. This will help me in the future in a high school service group or if i want to be a shop keeper or work at a shop. Something I would love to do again is work with my team. Something I did well in this was working with my team and coming up with ideas. When I think about what i have learned I feel happy and surprised because we got all that work done. We are donating 3050 000 VND to the orphanage with children who have disabilities. I have grown as a learner because know I know how to set up a business I have changed my thinking about Market day being hard because it wasn’t as hard as Ii thought it would be.

Here are some photos from the day.




In Maths this week we have been looking at factors and multiples as part of our Multiplication Unit.



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