Week 16 in 4B

Week 16 in 4B

Market Day Preparation

UOI: How We Organize Ourselves Update

This week we have:

  • Created Market day groups
  • Decided on a Group name, the link to a Child Right and the link to the SDG’s
  • Created a Mission Statement for our Business group
  • Created a slogan
  • Learnt about Supply and Demand
  • Learnt about Profit and Lost
  • Learnt about costs
  • Brainstormed business ideas
  • Created Market surveys to determined the “wants’ of the customers
  • Decided on a final product or service
  • Researched recipes and the costs of the ingredients

Wow-no wonder we are all exhausted after such a busy week!!!!!!!!!!!

Please be sure to check in with your child about his or her group’s progress, and look for ways to support your child as this important project moves forward.






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