Week 10 in 4B

Week 10 in 4B

UN Day

Thank you to all the parents that supported UN Day- the children looked amazing and the food from around the world was yummy!!



Our next Unit of Inquiry-Sharing the Planet

An inquiry into:

  • Access to equal opportunities
  • Peace and conflict resolution

Central Idea:

Access to opportunities affects equity for all children

Lines of Inquiry

  • Children’s rights and equity
  • Circumstances that determine a child’s access to opportunities
  • Our responsibility and action towards equality

Provocation on Tuesday

In the coming days we’ll be launching our upcoming Unit of Inquiry, Sharing the Planet. We’ll be exploring the central idea that access to opportunities affects equity for all children. We’ll be inquiring into the rights of children, the circumstances that determine a child’s opportunity, and our responsibility towards equity.

Next Tuesday, we’ll be putting students into random groups where they’ll experience strikingly different perspectives of equity depending on the ‘luck of the draw’. We anticipate kids will raise compelling questions and might come home disappointed (or delighted) at the lot they’ve drawn. We encourage you to reflect together over dinner that evening.

Summative Task

This week the children have completed their Summative Task about our current Unit of Inquiry.

Please take the time to check your child’s See Saw account for their video and reflection.



Week 9 in 4B

UN Day

Just a reminder about UN Day next Monday -21 October

8:10 – 10.00  Class activities based on the SDG’s
11.00 – 12.00 UN DAY CELEBRATION ASSEMBLY (with guest speakers and student performances)
12.00 Community Lunch
13.00 Early Dismissal for all students.
What should the students wear?
    • Dress in their own national/cultural costume or
    • Adopt the national dress of the flag they are carrying, or
    • Adopt the national/cultural costume of a country to which they feel a special affinity through family, friends or having lived there or,
    • Create a unique outfit to reflect their cultural identity through a blending of cultural attires from multiple home countries and/or places where they have grown up (eg. blending a Japanese Kimono with an Indian Sari).

 NOTE: Fun and Fancy Dress costumes or national football shirts are not appropriate.

Buddies this Week

The children had a great time teaching their buddies how to ride a skateboard.



This week we completed a great whole class experiment to investigate weathering from wind.


Yesterday 4B set up a sand experiment. First, we tried to have a flat surface and blew a fan at it to scatter the sand and move it to the bottom of the tray. But that experiment did not work. We made a small mountain with are hands and let the fan blow all day. At the end of the day only half of the mountain remained since the wind weathered the mountain. The next day we came back and the mountain was a flat surface again.

by Valerie

Yesterday, our class did a sand weathering experiment. The first thing we did was place sand in a black tray and shape a mountain with the sand. Then we took a fan and put it behind the black tray. It took a really long time for the mountain to slowly break. We learnt that the more the fan blew, the more the sand got dry and that helped the mountain to break faster. I really enjoyed doing that experiment because I learnt a lot of things from the experiment about weathering and erosion.

by Minh

Week 8 in 4B

Week 8 in 4B

This week we have continued to investigate:

  • Whole Number in .Maths
  • Writing Procedures in English
  • Weathering and Erosion as part of our current UOI

Here is an example of an activity that we completed this week. The children were given a picture and were asked to use their knowledge to make statements related to weathering.

I think water has seeped into the cracks and the water has frozen. When water freezes it expands.I can see cracks in  the rocks.

Guest Speakers in 4B



What is a Makerspace?

There are many different ways to define a Makerspace but essentially it is;

A place where people can come together to use, and learn to use materials as well as develop creative projects. Makerspaces promote learning through play and can be created in a classroom, a library or even in a stand alone building. The important idea is that it is a place that can be used for a range of activities with changing and flexible educational goals and creative purposes. Makerspaces;

  • Foster play, exploration and participatory learning
  • Facilitate informal learning opportunities where connections between home, school, and community are enabled and encouraged.
  • Collaborative learning where educators and students pool their skills and knowledge and share in the tasks of teaching and learning;
  • Develop a culture of creating as opposed to consuming

Reference: Makerspaces Australia


Advantages of Makerspaces

  • Builds Perseverance – Failure Is a Lesson, Not an End
  • Inspires Further Investigations
  • Encourages Rethinking the Concept
  • Teaches Basic Problem Solving
  • Helps Students Focus
  • Engages Minds and Encouraging Questions
  • Provides a Way of Expression and Conversation
  • Provides a Connection between Lessons and the Real World
  • Facilitates Ideas and Innovation Instead of Rote Memory

Reference: The Tech Edvocate


Have a great holiday break and I look forward to hearing what the children did during their holidays.