January 17, 2020


Dear Families, 

Market Service Day was a huge success! Thank you for your continued support leading up to the event and on the day. Across Grade 4 our profit was 28,998,000! Next week, we will focus on the action that will be taking place from the profit made. 

On a personal note, I am thrilled to share that in July our family will be expecting our second child! In the words of one student, “well, that’s great! Elizabeth won’t be lonely anymore!” As the baby is due in July, the birth and maternity leave, is not foreseen to impact this school year. 


  • This Monday we will be expecting a new student-Brent Schneckenberger! Students are very excited as we look forward to his arrival
  • Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences are coming on Wednesday January 22 from 8am-4pm. This is just a friendly reminder that students should be in attendance.

Explorations This Week

UOI: How We Organize Ourselves 

After Market Service Day, we have taken time to reflect upon all of our learning throughout both Sharing the Planet and How We Organize Ourselves–specifically, the connections made between the two. Reflections have been done in a blog post and through a mind map which will be shared through a screencast next week.


This week we have begun a new multiplication and division unit. We have been focusing on the mathematical vocabulary relating to multiplication, using varying tools to represent thinking, and begun problem solving using multiplication. Students are being encouraged to use open arrays and see the connection between multiplication facts.


Readers’ Theatre continues to be a highlight this week! Beyond our theatre productions, students have been finding digraphs within words after first feeling the phonemes.

Something to Try at Home

Go on a “digraph hunt” while reading together! While students haven’t memorized them, it might be an opportunity to discuss them with your child and feel the phonemes of a word together. Questions welcome!

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out should you have additional questions. 


Ms. Maggie


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