December 6, 2019

Dear Families,

I hope you all enjoy this last weekend before the break! Students have decided to organize a holiday party for next Friday. It will be the last 30 minutes of the day with DIY crafts, Secret Santa reveals (should they choose to participate), karaoke, and a movie. Phew! Seems like a lot to fit in 30 minutes if you ask me, but they seem to have a plan! 

Explorations This Week

UOI: How We Organize Ourselves

Your children are well into their planning for Market Service Day, coming on January 14th. This week they’ve been learning about market forces such as supply, demand, and how costs and expenses influence price. We even Skyped with my father, Dave Lewis, a former data marketing executive. Surveys are being created in order to assess demand and figure out which products will work best. All of this while keeping in mind their greater purpose – to raise funds for donation to local nonprofits. Early next week, each team will be submitting a business plan for approval and will begin creating products or refining services to offer on Market Service Day. Please be sure to check in with your child about his or her group’s progress, and look for ways to support your child as this important project moves forward.


Students have been analyzing mathematical thinking on the basis of being a “Novice, Apprentice, Practitioner or Expert.” These areas might differ for different categories. Based upon this work, students went back to their own work to analyze and then revise thinking. 


Students have been using RazKids in class alongside physical books. This is a great site that can be used over the holidays! Persuasive writing has been focusing on learning how to write powerful conclusions with specific vocabulary to draw readers in.

Something to Try at Home

Having discussions where your child tries to persuade you to do something. Encourage them to use the vocabulary learned in class! An effective persuasion would include the OREO model(as mentioned in last week’s post). 

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out should you have additional questions. 


Ms. Maggie

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