November 29, 2019


Dear Families,

Yesterday was American Thanksgiving. It is a time we pause to share gratitude for things in life. With that, I want to thank each of you for your support this year. From your child’s smiles each morning to the learning conversations at home, I feel grateful to be a piece of your child’s learning this year. 

Please see the important message below from the grade 4 team. It was also sent home yesterday as a printed letter.

You may have heard the buzz from your child that Market Service Day is approaching. Market Service Day is one of the highlights of grade 4 and for our ES community. Through Market Service Day, students raise money to donate to an organization that links closely with the Children’s Rights they feel most passionate about.

January 14, 2020, is the day!

We will need your support with this project over the next couple of weeks. Here is a rough outline of the happenings:

December 2-7 is a focus on business, looking at profit, market forces, supply and demand, and unique selling points. Students will be looking at the Child Rights they are passionate about and groups will be formed during this time.

December 9-14 is a focus on writing up their business plan, looking at costs, and applying for their loan. Before we head out on the winter holiday students must have their plans finalized with teacher approval.

January 6-10 is finalizing their product or service for Market Service Day, creating a slide/poster for the advertising campaigns and checking equipment needs. There is a very high chance that the weekend of January 11 and 12 groups will want to get together and work on their plans/product/shopping.

Explorations This Week

  • Formatting persuasive writing paragraphs using the OREO template (state your opinion, give a reason, provide an example, restate your opinion)
  • Two guest speakers to provoke thinking for our new unit of inquiry. One speaker from KOTO (Amelia’s mom in 4B) and one speaker from Cousins Restaurant (Mia’s dad). We learned the difference between a social enterprise and a business–both sharing the message related to our central idea: organizations consider purpose and market forces when creating goods and services.
  • Representing mathematical strategies on the number line.

Something to Try at Home

  • Each morning and afternoon we have gratitude circles. Perhaps try one out together as a family!

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out should you have additional questions. 


Ms. Maggie

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