21-25th Sept. 2020

This week has seen 3D investigate another Simple Machine in our amazing Maker Space: the wheel and axle. What does it do? How is it made? Take a look at the focus, skill and problem solving that happened making the ‘wheel and axle’ and the vehicle building that followed. Truly impressive.

Students also learned about the push and pull forces of tension, friction, gravity and air resistance.  Ask your child to explain these forces to you. Encourage them to look for some examples of them in action at home. 

Thursday was Moon Festival (photos here) and students watched the annual assembly, via Zoom, in their classroom and got to paint a mask.

In maths, this week and last, 3D explored the use of concrete tools/equipment to support them in their mathematical thinking.

Later in the week, 3D further explored the concept of Place Value. Using Place Value Arrows, a 3-legged Number Bond model and Base Ten Blocks, students worked at composing and decomposing 3 digit numbers as well as practicing reading these numbers aloud. Take a look here at some photos.

Reading: There is an expectation in Grade 3 that every child is actively reading at home every day for 30 minutes. That means children are reading for themselves. It is also important to discuss what they have read with an adult or complete quizzes (ref. RazKids & EPIC) to confirm understanding. This reading can be in English and/or your home language. 

Students can access books through a number of digital platforms: Razkids (with quiz), EPIC and Tumble Books, in addition to Library books from school. We strongly encourage students to check out books from the library on a weekly basis.

In addition to active reading, the use of audio books is encouraged for being able to hear reading in English, have children engaged and interested, and expose them to new vocabulary. 

Your child has access to sign-in’s for both RazKids and Epic on an email they sent to themselves. You can ask them to find this and have them forward it to you as an extra support for access.

TumblebooksUsername: unishanoi     Password: unis1234      Library link to directions for Tumble books

Thursday 1st October Learning Conversations – no school for students.

14-18 Sept.

This week we have begun inquiring into Simple Machines and how they make work easier. We have worked incredibly hard on our MAP testing and shown our prior knowledge about place value and some number operations. We also celebrated dot day on Tuesday with a range of creative outfits and artwork!

We began looking more deeply into simple machines with students constructing meaning through a picture sort activity. First, students had a large collection of photos to sort through and decide how they might be grouped. Next, ideas of how groups sorted their photos was shared e.g. swirly things, steep things, machines with wheels. Then pictorial examples of each type of sort were shared and students adjusted their sorts. Finally the technical terms of some of these descriptions were shared i.e. screw, wheel and axle and students made great connections and again adjusted their sorts. Finally we went exploring our play area to see if we could find possible Simple Machines (photos). We found lots of examples including cranes (pulleys), screws (holding playground equipment together) and many more!

In maths we started learning about place value, using our number sense to partition numbers and make them in different ways. We played a couple of place value games too such as Number Clash/Battle, 101, Sums to 100 – ask your child to teach you some over the weekend! 

In writing we continued to develop our understanding of the writing process. We used last week’s visit as inspiration to write a recount and moved through the different parts of the writing process, including asking peers for feedback. Our ‘published’ pieces are our voice overs for ‘Attachments’ in Seesaw. We will be sharing with 3C on Monday.

Our week finished with another very exciting session in the Maker Space exploring levers. What are they? What do they do? Ask your child to explain. Here are some photos, to talk about, of 3D in action as scientists and engineers.


  1. Tuesday 21st September is the UN International Day of Peace. We encourage everyone to wear white as a symbol of peace, or blue as a symbol of the UN to celebrate this day.

  2. Thursday 24th September we will be celebrating the Moon Festival. We encourage all students to wear their traditional Ao Dais and we will celebrate with a special assembly. PLEASE also send your child to school with an old adult-sized t-shirt or shirt to wear when mask painting that day

  3. Next week the EAL team will host a virtual coffee morning on Friday 25th September for parents of EAL students – please see your email for details

  4. Every student needs headphones. Many thanks to all those families who have sent some in for their child.

It has been another busy week in Grade 3.

We delved more into “What makes a good writer?” and decided that one of the most important things is to be able to write quality pieces – that make sense, have detail, are interesting and use descriptive or technical words. The children also thought that good writers take their time, think about what they want to write before they start and then stay focussed for chunks of time.
In maths we had fun exploring a concept called the Hailstone Sequence. Pick any number as a starting point. If it is even then divide by 2. If it is odd then multiply by 3 and add 1. Repeat this process with each answer you get. The conjecture by mathematicians is that, whatever number you start with, you always reach 1. Give it a try!
In our Who We Are year-long unit of inquiry we have begun to think more deeply about how ‘global citizenship requires knowledge of other people’s lives’ and begun to compare our beliefs and values. Students will come home today with some research questions for over the weekend to find out more about their family values. If you can find 15 mins to discuss this with your family and fill in the sheet, we’d appreciate your assistance in supporting our inquiry.
Next week we begin our first full unit, How The World Works, which is an inquiry into simple machines, inventions, forces and the design cycle. There are a lot of fun and interesting things to try and we’re excited to get started!
A few requests and reminders:
  • We’d like to request you send in pair of headphones to aid the students’ independent inquiry on the Chromebooks- perhaps you have an old pair lying around at home that you no longer use, but if not, headphones are also sold at the UNIS shop.
  • Also a reminder to use a UNIS library bag to keep library books in good condition.
  • 3D have their individual photo session on Wednesday 9th Sept.
Have a great weekend!

Back to School Night resources

It was wonderful to meet some families this week in the live Back to School Night session on Zoom. Here again is the link to the presentation for your reference. We are really hoping that as many of you as possible will help to build our class community by posting something about your family in the Flipgrid and a message for your child on the Padlet.

As the year progresses and the children post in Seesaw, please add feedback for them. An easy way to do this is to state “Two Stars and a Wish”: two positive things you notice about their work and a wish or wondering of how they might improve or do things differently the next time.
This past week we have continued to grow our class community, finding out more about each other, building friendships and work attitudes through games (take a look at the Cup Challenge), collaboration and discussion. We have been working in teams and alone to visualise and look at different mathematical concepts in creative ways. Thinking about what makes a good writer and starting some writing of our own as well as enjoying read to self time. We have spent a lot of time thinking through and talking about our Rights, Responsibilities and Feelings. This chart will help us decide next week on some class agreements for this year.
We also worked on a part of a class mandala using a thinking routine known as Colour, Symbol, Image. Take a look at the photos and ask your child to explain.
We had our first ES assembly via Zoom and an Evacuation Drill in which Grade 3 students did an outstanding job of following the procedures set up.
Wishing everyone a safe and relaxing weekend!
  • Please can your child bring to school a set of full ear headphones next week.
  • Wednesday 2nd Sept. is a public holiday.

Meeting our Buddies and starting Seesaw

This week 3D have started using Seesaw. They learnt how to log in – both through Google and using a QR code. How to check they were in the correct folder before working. How to add photos, use the microphone and the drawing tools. Please take a look at your child’s work and leave them a comment. Our final project on Seesaw this week was creating our own copy of 3D’s Classroom Agreements and annotating them. Students can complete this activity at home by going to app.seesaw.me  The Classroom Agreements are:

  • Do your best
  • Be kind
  •  Be helpful
  • Play and work with anyone

On Thursday, 3D met their K1C Buddies. Take a look here for some photos.  Please ask your child who their buddy is.

This afternoon the whole of Grade 3 got together for some fun community time and to practise listening skills. We definitely need more practice! However, ask your child if they can teach you the “Double This, Double That” activity.

Finally, 3D are SUPER excited that 5 of their classmates have been chosen to perform in the Grade 2-3 Musical, Aristocats. A huge “well done” to them and all who auditioned. Great risk taking!


Monday is a holiday.
Back to School Night, Thursday 5th September (see TinTuc for details) – hope to meet lots of you there.

Updated Schedule & some fun photos

In addition to getting to know each other a little better, 3D have also been spending time with other grade 3 classes. Here they are having fun playing Blind Drawing with 3C and doing some shared reading with them also.

Below is 3D’s full class schedule. Although maths, uoi (unit of inquiry) and English times are all marked, we often use a transdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning meaning that these subjects can be merged.

Next week we will welcome a new student to 3D: Mei Kanno.


Please let both Miss Julia and Ms. Ngan know whenever there are any changes in your child’s “end of day” routine i.e. if they are being collected by a different person or not taking their usual school bus that day. If there is a change in the usual Bus routine, please also inform Mr. Lai the Transport Manager.


Hat, Water Bottle & a healthy Snack are needed every day. Labelled hats and water bottles are a BIG help!
Thank you.


Welcome to 3D for 2019-20

Welcome to 3D, 2019-20

Today we had a great time with all of G3 playing some community games. See here for some photos and videos.

Please see below 3D’s schedule of Specialist times. A hard copy of this has been sent home with your child today.

We are excited to announce auditions for the Grade 2/3 musical: Aristocats.
Here is a brief summary of the story:

When a retired opera singer leaves her inheritance to her cat, Duchess  and three kittens, the woman’s butler drugs the cats and abandons them in the countryside in order to inherit the fortune himself. Lost in unfamiliar territory, Duchess and the kittens meet Thomas O’Malley, an alley cat willing to help them return to their home in Paris. They meet several kooky characters along the way, including two English geese and an alley cat jazz band.
If you would like to try out, please sign up for an audition time, which will take place on the following days during lunch: August 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 26th and 27th. For the audition, you will need to sing a short but dramatic song and act out part of the story. The musical will be performed in December and the rehearsals will take place on Mondays and Fridays after school. 

Sign-up sheets for auditions are outside 3D. A sample piece of script to practice can be collected from Miss Julia in 3D (B9, 106).


*Photo day for 3D students will be the 29th of August
*Back to school night will be early September

Have a restful weekend!