21-25th Sept. 2020

This week has seen 3D investigate another Simple Machine in our amazing Maker Space: the wheel and axle. What does it do? How is it made? Take a look at the focus, skill and problem solving that happened making the ‘wheel and axle’ and the vehicle building that followed. Truly impressive.

Students also learned about the push and pull forces of tension, friction, gravity and air resistance.  Ask your child to explain these forces to you. Encourage them to look for some examples of them in action at home. 

Thursday was Moon Festival (photos here) and students watched the annual assembly, via Zoom, in their classroom and got to paint a mask.

In maths, this week and last, 3D explored the use of concrete tools/equipment to support them in their mathematical thinking.

Later in the week, 3D further explored the concept of Place Value. Using Place Value Arrows, a 3-legged Number Bond model and Base Ten Blocks, students worked at composing and decomposing 3 digit numbers as well as practicing reading these numbers aloud. Take a look here at some photos.

Reading: There is an expectation in Grade 3 that every child is actively reading at home every day for 30 minutes. That means children are reading for themselves. It is also important to discuss what they have read with an adult or complete quizzes (ref. RazKids & EPIC) to confirm understanding. This reading can be in English and/or your home language. 

Students can access books through a number of digital platforms: Razkids (with quiz), EPIC and Tumble Books, in addition to Library books from school. We strongly encourage students to check out books from the library on a weekly basis.

In addition to active reading, the use of audio books is encouraged for being able to hear reading in English, have children engaged and interested, and expose them to new vocabulary. 

Your child has access to sign-in’s for both RazKids and Epic on an email they sent to themselves. You can ask them to find this and have them forward it to you as an extra support for access.

TumblebooksUsername: unishanoi     Password: unis1234      Library link to directions for Tumble books

Thursday 1st October Learning Conversations – no school for students.

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