14-18 Sept.

This week we have begun inquiring into Simple Machines and how they make work easier. We have worked incredibly hard on our MAP testing and shown our prior knowledge about place value and some number operations. We also celebrated dot day on Tuesday with a range of creative outfits and artwork!

We began looking more deeply into simple machines with students constructing meaning through a picture sort activity. First, students had a large collection of photos to sort through and decide how they might be grouped. Next, ideas of how groups sorted their photos was shared e.g. swirly things, steep things, machines with wheels. Then pictorial examples of each type of sort were shared and students adjusted their sorts. Finally the technical terms of some of these descriptions were shared i.e. screw, wheel and axle and students made great connections and again adjusted their sorts. Finally we went exploring our play area to see if we could find possible Simple Machines (photos). We found lots of examples including cranes (pulleys), screws (holding playground equipment together) and many more!

In maths we started learning about place value, using our number sense to partition numbers and make them in different ways. We played a couple of place value games too such as Number Clash/Battle, 101, Sums to 100 – ask your child to teach you some over the weekend! 

In writing we continued to develop our understanding of the writing process. We used last week’s visit as inspiration to write a recount and moved through the different parts of the writing process, including asking peers for feedback. Our ‘published’ pieces are our voice overs for ‘Attachments’ in Seesaw. We will be sharing with 3C on Monday.

Our week finished with another very exciting session in the Maker Space exploring levers. What are they? What do they do? Ask your child to explain. Here are some photos, to talk about, of 3D in action as scientists and engineers.


  1. Tuesday 21st September is the UN International Day of Peace. We encourage everyone to wear white as a symbol of peace, or blue as a symbol of the UN to celebrate this day.

  2. Thursday 24th September we will be celebrating the Moon Festival. We encourage all students to wear their traditional Ao Dais and we will celebrate with a special assembly. PLEASE also send your child to school with an old adult-sized t-shirt or shirt to wear when mask painting that day

  3. Next week the EAL team will host a virtual coffee morning on Friday 25th September for parents of EAL students – please see your email for details

  4. Every student needs headphones. Many thanks to all those families who have sent some in for their child.
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