How the World Works

This week we started our new unit of inquiry, How the World Works, with a challenging provocation, we developed our mathematical thinking further and began thinking more deeply about the writing process and what it entails.

3D scientists and engineers were tasked with transporting a marble from one side of the classroom to the other without pushing it, kicking it, flicking it, throwing it or dropping it from a great height! The students had to think hard about not just how to move the marble, but also how to work as a team. The afternoon was filled with excitement and lots of testing and negotiation. The range of creative ideas to solve this problem was fantastic to see. Many also decided to make their creation look attractive and interesting. Take a look at some photos and videos of the ‘runs’ here.

On reflection, 3D students discovered that they had been through a ‘design process’ – something we will be working through a lot in this unit. They also made a connection with the ‘Writing Process’:

We listened to the ‘Word Collector’ as read by President and Mrs. Obama and then we read it again trying out all the different prompts about different kinds of words. We thought about how word choice can make writing so much more interesting! We made a list of our own favourite words, then chose one to create a mini poster about. We also finished up our own personal quotes about reading. Students then each chose one of these to share on Seesaw.

There was more excitement later in the week in maths, discovering the range of tools available  (both physical and online) to help us solve mathematical problems, support and explain our thinking. From a Hundred Chart, to rekenreks (number racks), number lines and base ten blocks (number pieces). If you have an iPad at home you might also like to take advantage of the free apps offered by the Math Learning Center. 

Today 3D had a fabulous session in the Maker Space on ‘Attachments’ as a beginning to our How the World Works (Simple Machines & Forces unit). Knowing that plastic is such a problem in our world, we decided that using glue and tape is best avoided whenever possible. Instead, students were introduced to a variety of other ways to ‘attach’ (in this case) a piece of cardboard to another piece of cardboard. Methods were shown and modelled before students were tasked with doing their own. Watch out for these on Seesaw next week, but here are photos of 3D in action with ‘attachments’. Such great problem solving and skills development going on!

  • Reminders:
    Create some dots over the weekend and decorate a door or window in celebration of International Dot Day on Tuesday 15th September. Send in any photos if you do!
  • Tuesday 15th – go dotty! Students are encouraged to wear as many dots as they can to school.
  • HEADPHONES please – if your child has not yet brought any to school
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