6-10 Jan. 2020

Ms. Beth our Maths coach shared the following site and video that you might be interested in: http://mathleadership.org/what-happened-to-math-class/
“Understanding the shifts in mathematics teaching and how to support your child’s learning.”

We are starting a new unit of inquiry: How We Organise Ourselves. There is a lot of new language and some big concepts for us to try and understand and Home Languages are important!
Please take some time to talk with your child about the following words and concepts.  These conversations will continue to develop your language AND deepen understanding in English.

Central Idea:

Economic activities affect people and impact the environment.

Lines of Inquiry

An inquiry into:

  • Buying and selling is an interconnected system

  • Fairness and sustainability in growth and development

  • Our power as consumers to affect change

Key concepts:

Causation, Function, Responsibility

Related Concepts:

Sustainability, Choice, Fairness,

The provocation for the unit involved students pretending they were Paper Bag Makers. Each family was taught how to make a paper bag and tasked with making as many as possible, using recycled paper, and were paid according to the number and quality they produced. The bags will be used for the G4 Market Service Day. Each “family” will then be working out if they made enough money to survive based on expenditures for food, rent, materials, etc. Please take a look here for photos of the simulation. Part of 3D’s discussion afterwards, centered on money – where or how you can get it and what you might, or need to, do with it. It would be great if you can follow up with further discussion at home in your home language.

Maths this week has focussed on how to visualise “rows of” in relation to multiplication. Please ask your child if they can explain to you  about “rows of” and arrays. Can they explain the shape an array might take based on the number of rows and the number of items in a row?

What: Grade 4 Market Day
When: TUESDAY 14 January 10:45-12:00
Bring: maximum of 100,000 VND to spend
The products and services being sold will range from 10,000 VND to 50,000 VND.
All profits will go to organizations that support Childrens’ Rights.
Thank You!

UNIS Hanoi will be hosting a Lost and Found display days. All items that have lost their way this school year will be gathered into one location. Please come and look for anything you are missing between 8.00 – 18.00. The ever supportive SCO will be helping to organise the items into different categories to make it easier to search through. If you want to help in the setup, please contact sco@unishanoi.org. All remaining lost items will be donated to our service partners at the end of the year. Questions? Contact ntbhien@unishanoi.org

Wednesday 22nd Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences 10am-6pm
There will be no school for ES students – There are no ASAs/Aquatics Academy for ES Students.

Friday 24th No school. Start of Tet holiday. School resumes Monday 3rd February Week A.

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