Students have been working away this week researching a chosen animal. We have also been looking more at the features of an Information Report. Today students studied some reports and identified many of those features that they will have to try and incorporate into their own report. Take a look at them here, working away.

In maths, students have been revisiting counting – skip counting in various ways and choral counting, as well as looking for and describing patterns that they notice. Please practice skip counting forwards and backwards with your child at home in: 2s, 5s, 4s, 10s. Challenge them by starting from different numbers.

Another maths practice¬† that can easily be done at home is asking your child: What are two numbers that make ……….(provide a number between 10 and 20). What are another two numbers that make that number? And another pair of numbers that also make that number? And so on. Many children have learned a particular pairing and find it challenging to think of other possible combinations.

Building on this, you can also then ask an example like: So if I have 7 but need 18, how many do I need? Again, children find this a challenge to be able to mentally manipulate such combinations.

IB/WASC/CIS Visit is next week.
Amazing Arts Auction Рstarts next  week
Winter Service Fair – Thursday 12th from 5pm

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