Adapting to Biomes

A short but very productive week in 3C. We finished off learning about different biomes (savannah, polar, ocean and rainforest) which will be key information for when we start to think about our animal of choice and the dangers to its existence. We also finished off some interesting lessons on animal adaptations and learned about some fascinating eyes, ears, noses and feet that help different species to thrive in their environments.

In our writing we’re continuing with information reports and learning how to use graphic organisers to plan through research- more on this coming soon. We began an inquiry into doubling consonants when certain suffixes are added to base words and are still trying to figure out why that is. In Math we wrapped up our unit on mental strategies and it is great to see the kids adding 99 efficiently and using doubles, tricks for making ten and using knowledge of numbers to switch around the digits/numbers to make their calculations more manageable.

Laced throughout all of this was the theme of kindness and it was so lovely to hear this morning the kids’ plans to be kinder people- watch out for random/deliberate acts of kindness happening near you soon!


Thanks for all the contributions to support our UoI and to UnDam who helped us with reading this week. Please let us know if you’d like to be involved or if you have any comments, suggestions or wonderings.


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