Week A: October 28th- November 1st


Math: We have reviewed our understanding of commutative and associative properties of addition. As concepts, understanding of these properties is required before commutative and distributive properties of multiplication.

Literacy: We begin our unit on information report writing by brainstorming sub-topics (Micro) around a main topic (Macro). The macro topic is ‘living things’ (animals, insects or plants) and research is currently underway. Kids will begin writing their first information report next week.

UOI: We have commenced our ‘Sharing the Planet’ unit. Our central idea is “The struggle to share the environment impacts living things”. The next week will focus on how species adapt (structurally and behaviorally) to their environment.


PD Day (no school): Monday 11th of November

Open Classrooms: Tuesday, 19th of November

-Have a relaxing (and cooler) weekend-



Week B: October 21st- 25th


Math: We have worked on the estimation strategy of rounding. Rounding is used to simplify computation in a story, chart or conversation and should be context specific.

The use of terms like “round up” and “round down” confuses many students. for example, the number 37 would round to 40 or they say it “rounds up”. The digit in the tens place is changed from 3 to 4 (rounds up). This misconception is what causes the problem when applied to rounding down. The number 32 should be rounded (down) to 30, but using the logic mentioned for rounding up, some students may look at the digit in the tens place and take it to the previous number, resulting in the incorrect value of 20. To remedy this misconception, students need to use a number line to visualize the placement of the number and/or ask questions such as: “What multiples of ten are 32 between and which is it nearest to?”. 


UOI: As part of SDG week, we looked into SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production. We have been unmaking our machines and planned for the repurposing of materials as part of our sustainability goals as a school.


UN Day: Thank-you so much for the amazing spread and celebrating with our community. Cheers to all parents who lent a hand on the day with setting up and cleanup. A special Thank-you to Paola (Diego’s mum) for stepping up as our class parent and helping to get us organised and fed- The kids and I are incredibly appreciative.


  • Open Classrooms: Tuesday, 19th of November (8:10- 12:20)

– Have a wonderful weekend-

G3 Innovation Fair


Thank-you for supporting and celebrating with our learners today at our Innovation Fair. The kids did a wonderful job (of-course) and feel really proud of themselves (as they should be). Your support is always the icing on the cake for them- so thank-you again. Some of you may have noticed a cool video playing in the background- so, thank-you to Mr Big C for putting it together.

Have a wonderful weekend, and we look forward to seeing you at our UN Day lunch on Monday.


Week B: September 30th- October 4th


Math- The kids are already great at breaking numbers apart, and a revision of parts/wholes gives them greater clarity about how to use this strategy more effectively when adding and subtracting. This is particularly handy when breaking apart to subtract.

Literacy: A scavenger hunt to locate different features of a procedural text will support their own writing of instructions.

UOI: The kids have completed plans for their compound machines. The week after the October holiday will be spent making and refining their designs. The kids will showcase their machines at our Innovation Fair on Friday the 18th of October. Please come along and help to celebrate their learning.


– October Break: Return to school Monday 14th of October
– Grade 3 Innovation Fair: Friday, October 18th
– UN Day: Monday October 21st
– Have a wonderful October break-

3B Class Parents

3B is still looking for a class parent/s. Class parents are supported by the SCO, the faculty and other class parents and other parents in the class. It is a great way to engage with the class and connect with other parents.

If you are interested in the role or sharing the role, please send me an email.

I look forward to seeing all of you on Monday!

-Have a restful weekend-



Week B: September 16th – 20th


Math: We begin to build understanding of problem structures for additive situations (which includes both addition and subtraction). We have started with change problems where a physical action has taken place-  and learning to break these problems apart to determine what the question actually is. Analyzing problems in this way builds understanding and negates the tendency for learners to simply look at the numbers and guess at the question.

UOI: The kids have worked with Mr Big C in the Maker Space to develop their construction skills. Attention to safety, materials and the implications of particular resources (plastic in particular) and have been discussed.


Buddies: To celebrate Dot Day, the kids worked with their buddies to create some funky looking dots.


International Day of Peace: In recognition of Peace Day, we read Quentin Blake’s A Sailing Boat in the Sky and used our Maker Space skills to create our own Peace Boats.


– ES Parents & Admin Coffee Morning (EAL, and Student Support Services)-  Friday, September 27th (8:30 – 9:30am)
Parent/Teacher /Student Conferences: Monday, September 30th
– Autumn Break – October 7th-11th
– UN Day- Monday October 21st
– Enjoy the Weekend-


Week A: September 9th – 12th


Têt Trung Thu: To celebrate the Full Moon Festival, we painted traditional bamboo masks.


Literacy: Building upon our Structured Word Inquiry routine, we will continue to explore key vocabulary. In one of our Literacy sessions, we examined the word ‘knowledge’ and built some words connected to its base ‘know’ using word sums. We briefly touched on it’s origin in Old English (cnawan).

Math: Every math lesson begins with a 5- 10 min math talk. To begin our year-long unit on number we have been using dot patterns as a prompt to examine the visual nature of math, and the many different ways people see patterns and values.


Learner Profile: Our Learner Profile focus for the coming weeks will be ‘knowledgeable’ and what this means as we enter our simple machines and forces unit.


ES Parents & Administrators Coffee Morning (EAL, and Student Support Services):  Friday, September 27th (8:30 – 9:30am)
Parent -Teacher – Student Conferences: Monday, September 30th (scheduling invites will be sent out soon)
Autumn Break – October 7th-11th
UN Day- Monday October 21st
-Have a Restful Weekend-


Week B: Back to School Night Presentation

It was wonderful meeting all of you last night at our Back to School Presentation. If you were unable to attend, please find the powerpoint presentation below:


 Moon Festival Celebration: Thursday 12th September (we encourage everyone to wear their áo dài)

Non-teaching PD day: Friday 13th September (no school for the kids)

Happy Weekend 

Week A: August 26th – 30th


Literacy- A review of our Structured Word Inquiry model. The kids are practicing how to pull words apart by identifying the base/root word, affixes and creating word sums to investigate the meaning and patterns within a word.

Technology- The kids were introduced to Mr Clark, our new head of technology this week. The Makerspace is a wonderful resource and the kids have had the chance to work with a variety of materials.


It was wonderful watching the kids being caring, principled and fun as they introduced and played with their K1 Buddies.


Our essential agreements for our Chromebook devices:


Long Weekend- Return Tuesday 3rd Sept

Back to School Night- Thursday 5th Sept

UN Day- Monday 21st Oct

Have a fantastic long weekend 

Week B: August 19th – 23rd


Maths- We have started the year learning and practicing new maths games. These games will help support fluency with addition. If you have a pack of cards, Number Battle is a fun one to play together at home.

Literacy- We have been reviewing how to choose a ‘Good Fit’ book


Much of the week has been spent playing games, doing skits and group reading.


Our essential agreements:


Class Photos- Tuesday 27th August

Back to School Night- Thursday 5th September

Have a wonderful weekend!