Week B: 20th – 25th Sept 2020


UOI- This week has seen 3B investigate another Simple Machine in our amazing Maker Space: the wheel and axle. What does it do? How is it made? 

Students also learned about the push and pull forces of tension, friction, gravity and air resistance. They began wondering about how these connect with the simple machines we have been discovering and making. Ask your child to explain these forces to you. Encourage them to look for some examples of them in action at home?

Literacy: There is an expectation in Grade 3 that every child is actively reading at home every day for 30 minutes. That means children are reading for themselves. It is also important to discuss what they have read with an adult to confirm understanding. This reading can be in English and/or your home language. 

Students can access books through a number of digital platforms: Razkids (with quiz), EPIC and Tumble Books, in addition to Library books from school. We strongly encourage students to check out books from the library on a weekly basis.

In addition to active reading, the use of audio books is encouraged for being able to hear reading in English, have children engaged and interested and expose them to new vocabulary. 

 Library link to directions for Tumble books

Username: unishanoi

Password: unis1234


Moon Festival: Thursday was Moon Festival and students watched the annual assembly via Zoom in their classroom and got to paint a traditional bamboo mask.


A HUGE thank-you to Lynne Gadkowski (Caleb’s mum) who has taken on the role as 3B’s class parent. Caleb and family will be joining us very soon!


Learning Conferences (No school)- Thursday, 1st October on Zoom

Week A: 14th – 18th Sept 2020


Math- More place value revision and addition with games. 5 moves to 100 and Greater Than were very popular this week. These games are also a great opportunity for kids to justify their answers and to think strategically.

Literacy: We are inquiring into the key words of our unit. We build systematic understanding of words through initial exploration with word webs and unpacking structure through word sums.

UOI: We take a closer look at how simple machines make work easier. The kids had an investigation and building session in the Maker-space to examine how levers function and the connection between the fulcrum, load (weight) and distance.


  1. Monday 21st September (not Tuesday!!!) is the UN International Day of Peace. We encourage everyone to wear white as a symbol of peace, or blue as a symbol of the UN to celebrate this day.
  2. Thursday 24th September we will be celebrating the Moon Festival. We encourage all students to wear their traditional Ao Dais and we will celebrate with a special assembly.
  3. Next week the EAL team will host a virtual coffee morning on Friday 25th September for parents of EAL students – please see your email for details

Week B: 7th – 11th Sept 2020


UOI- We have commenced our How the World Works unit on design and innovation. Keeping in mind our commitment to our sustainability goals, we try our best to be responsible in our use of resources as makers and ‘un-makers’.

Math-  More games introduced this week to review place value and prep our minds for our upcoming unit on addition and subtraction. The two most popular this week were Addition Battle and Picking Places.


International Dot Day- To celebrate International Dot Day, we are encouraging our Elementary School community to come to school on Tuesday wearing something dotty.


3B Student Council Representative– 3B’s Student Council Representative is Minh Huyen. Well done for being a principled risk-taker and putting your hand up to represent our class. We are incredibly proud and grateful!


Tuesday 15th September- International Dot Day- kids are encouraged to wear something dotty to school

Week A: 31st Aug – 4th Sept 2020


Math- We have introduced a couple of math challenges (Strike it Out, Make 100).  We use these games to explore number and place value understanding and practice calculation strategies (written and mental).


Literacy- we are reviewing and applying our prior knowledge about the writing process (prewriting, drafting, revising, publishing/sharing) and what these recursive stages may entail.

UOI- We continue to explore key questions and vocabulary. As we look into the idea of global citizenship, we have asked what can citizens do? We have also examined how beliefs and values are connected and shape who we are.

Home Learning: Over the weekend the students will come home with some research questions to find out more about your family values- if you can find 15 mins to discuss this with your family, we’d appreciate your assistance in supporting our inquiry. The kids should have a copy in their bag.


  • We’d like to request you send in pair of headphones for the kids to use with the Chromebooks (regular size jack)- perhaps you have an old pair lying around at home that you no longer use, but if not, headphones are also sold at the UNIS shop.
  • Wednesday 9th September- 3B scheduled photo day.
  • Next Week- ASA programme commences

Week B: 24-28 August 2020


Thank-you: It was wonderful to meet families this week in the live Back to School Night session on Zoom. Here again is the presentation for your reference.

Essential Agreements: 3B finalised our essential agreements to ensure our learning environment is safe, happy and productive.


Math: It’s been a busy second week in grade 3 with lots of big thinking! We have started to revise our place value, pattern and measurement knowledge.

UOI: We began to unpack our central idea, Global citizenship requires knowledge of other people’s lives’. A question we have focused on is : why /what might we want to know about other people’s lives. We have shared favorite words in our home language and identified countries we are connected to on the AuthaGraph projection map.

Literacy: At this point, we are exploring what we enjoy about writing and the kids have had the chance to write freely, in any genre. I’m seeing lots of comic books, how-to drawing manuals and information texts about a variety of favorite animals.



Wednesday 2nd September- Vietnamese National Day (No School)

Welcome to 3B: 17th – 21st Aug

Welcome to the 3B class blog. In this space, we will share all the weird and wonderful happenings on our learning journey as well as events and date reminders. If you would like to receive an email update when a new post is live, please use the sign-up box to the right.


What a wonderful start to Grade 3! As we grow used to the routines and personalities around us, we are starting to feel more settled. We are all excited about what we can achieve this year.

We are getting to know our new classmates, building our community and reflecting on who we are as a class. Check out our awesome marshmallow towers!

This week we also have the pleasure of introducing Ms Jenn, our Learning Support Teacher:

I am Jennifer Szwarc, and this is my second year teaching in the Learning Support department at UNIS. Again this year I will work primarily with students in Grades 2 and 3. I have had a great summer traveling throughout Vietnam with my husband, Mr. Micah. In my spare time, I love to try new restaurants, go on walks, and spend time with friends.

I started my Special Education career in San Diego, California earning a B.A. in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Teaching with an emphasis in Special Education. For the past six years, I have worked with students internationally in Thailand, Romania, and now Vietnam. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me (jszwarc@unishanoi.org).


The Schedule was sent out this week. Please find a digital copy below:

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UOI- All of this start-of-the-year stuff links nicely to our ongoing, year-long unit: Who We Are, which is an inquiry into global citizenship and the value of recognizing our diversity. We’d love to hear about any festivals and important dates that occur in our community so we can celebrate and discuss them in class. Some adventurous parents might even put up their hand to speak to the kids about their culture or share a celebration.

Math- We continue to build our Math community by establishing norms in the math classroom- what we like/don’t like to hear when we work in math groups.We also looked at who we are as mathematicians and how practise and challenges help to ‘grow’ our brains.
Literacy- We are working on developing our reading stamina and identities as readers. Every Monday after library, we always make sure that our book boxes are full and ready for the week ahead.


Student Council- Student Council will run as an ASA on Tuesdays, 3:30-4:30pm. Members to the Student Council will be elected by their class. This year, only ONE representative will be elected per ASA session. The representative from each homeroom class needs to make the commitment to enrolling in the Tuesday ASA in order to participate. The first session starts on Tuesday, September 8th.  Details can be found here.

3B will choose a Student Council representative by Thursday, August 27th. The election process will include students “campaigning” to be elected by their class. I encourage those kids interested to write a speech about why they would like to represent 3B as a student rep by Thursday next week.

Upcoming Dates

Virtual Back to School Night- Thursday, 27th August on Zoom (details to be sent out soon)