Week A: January 13th – 17th


Welcome: We welcome Tellesson Myles and family (Mrs. La’Tressa Myles and Mr. Telly Myles) to 3B and the UNIS community.

Buddies: Our first session after the winter holiday break, and the kids were excited to be with each other again. Ms Nitasha also popped in to read a story.


Math- We have commenced our inquiry into Division. We began by making a connection to other operations (multiplication, repeated addition, repeated subtraction). To begin, conceptually it is important for the kids to understand division as GROUPING (number of groups) and SHARING (how many in each group). Understanding the difference is particularly important when they apply their understanding to word problems.

Literacy- We have started our unit on Persuasive writing. We are reading examples of persuasive texts and teasing out purpose and language features. We will follow the 5 paragraph structure that was introduced during our Exposition unit (Information Writing).

UOI- Our ‘How we Organise Ourselves’ unit started last week with a simulation activity to introduce the idea of equity/inequity in a market system. The kids worked in groups to produce and sell paper bags. The income from their product had to cover basic living expenses. They had to contend with fluctuations in pricing and demand, and a company with less than ethical business practices.

The vocabulary for this unit is particularly heavy, so the translations into mother-tongue are very helpful (words for next week- consumer, price, wage, company)


Parent/Teacher Conferences: January 22nd (8:00 – 16:00)

Tet holiday: Friday 24th (No school). School resumes Monday 3rd February (Week A)

-Have a restful weekend-



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