Week B: November 18th – 22nd


Thank-you for all the lovely Teacher Appreciation goodies and cards. Ms. Nguyen and I are incredibly grateful for your kindness and generosity.

Thank-you also to all family members able to join us for open classrooms. The kids loved having you in our learning space, and the extra set of hands and brains is always welcome.


Math: We have commenced our unit on multiplication. We have looked into multiplication as a number sentence, repeated addition and groups of. It is  important to understand that although 5×9 and 9×5 share the same product (commutative), when represented into ‘groups of’ and repeated addition, the sums are in fact different. We have also created a multiplication chart as a class to emphasize this point.

I also introduced Multiplication Madness. This deck of cards game is a great way for kids to not only practise their multiplication facts, but do so with full conceptual understanding. They must say ‘groups of’ and record the related number sentence. Please see below for the instructions.

EXTENSION: The game can be extended by applying 11, 12, and 13 to the character cards- or any values that will challenge (multiples of 10 for example)

SUPPORT- The character cards can also be taken out if kids are not ready. It is important to note, that they can and should be encouraged to count the dots if they are not familiar with the fact- simply memorizing does not build understanding.



We continue to inquire into the words conservation, adaptation and environment. the deconstruction of words via prefixes, suffixes and bases develops a much deeper understanding and connection to other words.


Moon Bear Field Trip- Friday 29th November (forms back by Thursday 28th November please)

Last day before Dec holiday- Friday 13th December


-Happy Weekend-

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