Week A: October 28th- November 1st


Math: We have reviewed our understanding of commutative and associative properties of addition. As concepts, understanding of these properties is required before commutative and distributive properties of multiplication.

Literacy: We begin our unit on information report writing by brainstorming sub-topics (Micro) around a main topic (Macro). The macro topic is ‘living things’ (animals, insects or plants) and research is currently underway. Kids will begin writing their first information report next week.

UOI: We have commenced our ‘Sharing the Planet’ unit. Our central idea is “The struggle to share the environment impacts living things”. The next week will focus on how species adapt (structurally and behaviorally) to their environment.


PD Day (no school): Monday 11th of November

Open Classrooms: Tuesday, 19th of November

-Have a relaxing (and cooler) weekend-



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