Celebrations and creativity

Hello Parents,

Our second to last week has been a time of celebration and creativity for our community.
For Arts Week, we’ve danced, sung, drummed, illustrated and painted. We used the knowledge gained during our H.W.E.O. unit to create amazing abstract pieces which will be displayed in the Arts Centre.
UNIS celebrated the graduating class of 2020 with some rad signs and lots of cheering during the Grand Walk.
Next week, we will wrap up the year with more fun, reflection and connection.

See photos below of our presentations last week for our space studies.

First week back!

Dear Parents,
We have been so excited to be back in school! It has been wonderful to reconnect in person with the students and see how much more independent they have become. Friendships and classroom communities have been renewed. A special treat from the SCO today was welcomed excitedly. 
New routines for snack, lunch and recesses are in place and the students are doing a great job of following these.
We have been staying connected with those students unable to attend through our regular classroom morning meetings and we have all been participating in the Book Week activities. 
Students have been completing their individual “Space” research and are drafting a report on their findings. Next week they will have the opportunity to decide how they would like to share some of their learning and discoveries. 
We look forward to the new normal becoming even more normal next week!
Have a great weekend.