UOI Activities and Buddies

Hello Parents,

This week we have been taking part in activities that will help us understand what life is like for other people- as a family in India making paper bags for a living and as a family in Columbia growing bananas for export. These simulations have taught us about teamwork, communication, sharing a work load, that you can work hard and still not earn enough money, costs and that life is NOT fair. Frustrations mounted as our paper bag buyers- The Dodgies- (Josh & Kristi ), turned away the bags made because they were not the same size, didn’t have enough glue, wanted a different size or the price changed. Frustration was also experienced as banana growers, when conditions beyond our control affected  resources and the crops. The discussions after each game were very interesting and empathetic. See photos below

This is the vocabulary we have been learning and using, which you could talk about with your children to give them a better understanding.

employee  wages   profit   workers rights  economic activity  resources  costs and expenses  products   consumers  trade  trading  Sustainable

I look forward to seeing those of you who are able to come to the parent conferences on Wednesday next week.

Chuc Mung Nam Moi -Happy Tet

Paper Bag Families and The Dodgies!

Banana worker families



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