UOI Activities and Buddies

Hello Parents,

This week we have been taking part in activities that will help us understand what life is like for other people- as a family in India making paper bags for a living and as a family in Columbia growing bananas for export. These simulations have taught us about teamwork, communication, sharing a work load, that you can work hard and still not earn enough money, costs and that life is NOT fair. Frustrations mounted as our paper bag buyers- The Dodgies- (Josh & Kristi ), turned away the bags made because they were not the same size, didn’t have enough glue, wanted a different size or the price changed. Frustration was also experienced as banana growers, when conditions beyond our control affected  resources and the crops. The discussions after each game were very interesting and empathetic. See photos below

This is the vocabulary we have been learning and using, which you could talk about with your children to give them a better understanding.

employee  wages   profit   workers rights  economic activity  resources  costs and expenses  products   consumers  trade  trading  Sustainable

I look forward to seeing those of you who are able to come to the parent conferences on Wednesday next week.

Chuc Mung Nam Moi -Happy Tet

Paper Bag Families and The Dodgies!

Banana worker families



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Happy New Year

Happy New Year Parents. I hope you all had a relaxing winter break. I really enjoyed spending time with my family in New Zealand and managed to read a few books too.

This term we are looking at economic activities and fair trade in our unit of Inquiry- How we organise ourselves. It would be great to include or discuss with your children, whenever possible, the household expenses and services you use. For example the electricity bill, food shopping, clothes shopping etc. I have included a post from Ms Kristy our EAL teacher with vocabulary and concepts to discuss with your children in your home language- even if that is English. These are sophisticated words and ideas that need to be explained and used frequently for our students to feel comfortable in understanding and using them. We will be using this language in class and investigating the meanings.

You will also find an advert for Grade 4s Market day next Tuesday below.- many worthwhile causes will benefit while we have fun and learn more about money.

The beginning of a new unit is a good opportunity to discuss ideas and vocabulary in home languages.  Please take some time to talk with your child about the following words and concepts.  These conversations will continue to develop your language AND deepen understanding in English.  Kristy Belete

Central Idea: 

Economic activities affect people and impact the environment.

Lines of Inquiry

An inquiry into:

  • Buying and selling is an interconnected system

  • Fairness and sustainability in growth and development

  • Our power as consumers to affect change

Key concepts:

Causation, Function, Responsibility

Market Day
What:Grade 4 Market Day
When: TUESDAY 14 January 10:45-12:00
Bring: maximum of 100,000 VND to spend
The products and services being sold will range from 10,000 VND to 50,000 VND.
All profits will go to organizations that support Childrens’ Rights.

Related Concepts:




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Winter Break

Hello Parents,

This morning we had an elementary school, Winter Break gathering in the cafeteria, with performances to celebrate. Our class took such good care of their buddies- the youngest students- making sure they felt safe and had fun. We took along cards we had made for our buddies and some colouring for them to do, staying by their sides the whole time in the very busy room, as we thought they might be feeling overwhelmed with all the people and celebrations. There was music, singing and dancing-See photos below

I am returning to New Zealand  for the holidays and am very excited to catch up with family and friends after a year away. I  wish you all a relaxing holiday break wherever you may be. Enjoy and I will see you in 2020!!



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Aristocats & sharing our learning

Hello Parents,

Today we had a preview of ‘Aristocats’ at assembly- see photos- and we were lucky enough to go to the dress rehearsal on Wednesday. It’s a great show with nearly half our class in the cast or choir- all performing their hearts out. I hope you find the time to come along and watch either on Friday evening or Saturday.

Today was also our class time to show some of our learning, at assembly, which we were right in the middle of when we had a spontaneous fire drill!  We have been talking about ‘being in charge of how we feel’, so even though we were a little disappointed, we decided to be positive about it, as it was not within our control. Ask your child to explain ‘release’ to you and about their ‘dial’.

Have a relaxing weekend before the last week of school for 2019!

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Bear rescue centre.

Dear Parents,

We had a lovely, relaxing day on Friday at the Bear Rescue Centre. As you can see from the photos we were right out in the countryside with fabulous views of distant mountains, lush bush and even a clear stream. The centre is very quiet so as not to stress out the bears. We walked around all the enclosures with the guides and saw lots of healthy, relaxed bears, enjoying their life outside of confined metal cages. Ask your children what they learned.

A great trip to take visitors to, or if you need to ‘rewild’ yourselves from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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Buddy fun

Hello Parents,

The week flew by- we managed to take advantage of the lovely weather and be outside with our little buddies. 3A students take their job very seriously, looking after the youngest children in the school- helping with activities, playing what their buddy wants to play, and making sure their buddy has a fun time. This is not always easy when you are 8 & 9 years old and used to doing what you want to do and the fun is usually all about you. Because they do their job so well their buddies are always excited to see them. The responsibility is greater when we are on the E.S. playground as it is not where the little children play and they need a lot of help managing the bigger structures. See photos

Have a relaxing weekend



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UN day & Repurposing

Hello Parents,

It was lovely to see most of you at the UN day celebrations. Thank you all for contributing to the delicious lunch- the food was plentiful and we had so much variety. With everyone in their national costumes or dressed up, it was a very colourful day- see our class photo below

Thank you also to those parents that were able to support our ‘Innovation Fair’ last week. Your enthusiasm for your own and other students creations was great. We looked at SDG goal number 12 – Responsible consumption and production- keeping this in mind during the planning and making of the machines- everything had to be repurposed.  Our class are very proud that we able to repurpose all most everything. A little bit of scrap cardboard, used paper tape and some small bits of pipe cleaner went in the bin, the rest was salvaged and returned to the Makerspace to be reused. See the photo below

Have a relaxing weekend

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Happy holidays- Innovation Fair date and time

Hello Parents,

Please see the poster below for our Innovation Fair to celebrate the end of our Simple Machines and forces unit. We will begin working on constructing our inventions after the holiday. Any cardboard packaging you have at home will be useful for the making process, i.e. cereal boxes, tea bag boxes etc (No single use plastics thanks)

Incase you were not able to make it to the P.E movement presentation, there are some photos of the students, in action at assembly on Thursday, when they presented to the school.

We have had a change to our timetable- on Mondays week B- period one is now Maths and period 6 is world language- please amend your schedule to save printing new ones.

The time has flown by and now we find ourselves at autumn break. I am fortunate enough to be meeting up with my daughters and other family members these holidays. I hope you all have a relaxing family time too. I look forward to seeing you on the 18th of October if you can make it.

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Community Time & Date for the diary

Hello Parents,

Today Ms Megan joined us for community time and taught us about how our brains work when we are learning something new and how to take care of our brain. The analogy of a field was used- see the photo below- a good dinnertime conversation!

We have been very busy in the makerspace learning about cardboard thickness & purposes, and how to join without using glue or tape. Our wheel and axles were tested down a ramp- modified to be more robust- cars were then assembled using the joining techniques we had learned.  Lots of learning from trial and error and modifying designs. This is all contributing to our final creations which the students will present and we will have on show in our classroom on Friday October the 18th at 2:20 the last period of the day- Mark your calendars.

Tomorrow we will celebrate international Peace Day with stories and activities in the classroom- and by wearing blue and white- the UN colours. No worries if your child doesn’t have anything – UNIS blue T shirts are good too.

Have a relaxing weekend.


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Moon Festival

Hello Parents,

Another week has flown by. We have started our ‘Simple Machines & Forces’ unit and have been making a wheel and axle- using a skewer, a straw and two wheels- with no instructions! The classroom was so quiet for about 30 minutes – you could almost hear brains at work as the students figured out how to make the wheels spin freely.

Yesterday was the Moon Festival assembly which was very colourful and entertaining. Our teacher Aides presented on Wednesday to tell us what moon festival was like when they were young and shared old stories.

Today we looked fabulous in out Ao dia’s. We changed before beginning to paint our colourful bamboo masks and then enjoyed morning tea – mooncakes and fruit.

See photos below-

Moon Festival


Wheel and axle





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