29th November 2019 – WEEK B next week

Dear Parents,

The week before winter break (9-13th Dec) we will be reconnecting to our Festivals unit  (How We express Ourselves) by exploring festivals that are celebrated around the world at this time of year. To help your child explain any festivals that you celebrate I will be sending home a homework sheet on Monday so that you can fill it in with your child. Please return this sheet by the 9th December so we can use in class. 

If any parent would like to come and share a short explanation of a particular festival that is celebrated in the winter break please let me know and I can arrange a time in our morning (8.10 -8.30) or afternoon (3.10 -3.30) meeting times.


  • Monday December 2: Field trip to explore the botanical gardens.We will be leaving school at 8:30 and taking the bus back at 12:15 to be back in time for lunch.  Your child will need a snack, hat, water bottle, walking shoes and a light bag to carry these things in.


  • How do you use your “phoneme fingers” to sound out the word “looking”? Show me how you would spell it. 
  • How do you split 68, 38 and 27.
  • What is your favourite addition or subtraction strategy?
  • What things did you find on Google Earth? 
  • What is an information report? What is a “macro topic”? What is a “micro topic”? What are some ideas you put on your Brain Map?
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