Me And Bao Linh’s Prezi

This is the Prezi me and Bao Linh made. But the thing is I actually like cats… This is what we said during the Prezi.

A domesticated carnivorous mammal that typically has a long snout, an acute sense of smell, and a barking, howling, or whining voice. It is widely kept all around the world as a pet or for work or field sports. I have 8 arguments why dogs are the best pets.

  1. To begin with dogs are the best pets dogs knows when you’re feeling bad and they are really helpful cheering you up. When i come home from a tired angry or sad day she jumps up to me she listen to my story, licks me and sometimes cuddle me that makes me happy.
  2. Dogs are the best pets.. There are more than 100 different types of breed species and crossbreed with unique personalities. There are more than 100 different types of breed species and crossbreed with unique personalities. For example Yorkshire Terrie can catch mice. Beagles can sniff out drugs, Border collie, sheepdog, Rough collie, Briard, Estrella Mountain dog, Hungarian Puli, Komondor and Samoyed are useful to farmers. Labradoodle are a good assistance. And more.
  3. Training your dog can be fun and challenging you teach many cool tricks or to behave .You can teach him or her to speak bark or talk in a weird way.
  4. There are types of big dogs they are good for home defense and an early warning from danger.Why do you think police officers chose dogs instead of cats?
  5. Dogs are the best Having a Dog is a great way to be responsible Everyday you need to take care of your dog’s health feed your dog food that is healthy and it is allowed to eat and clean up its mess. Exercise is important too.
  6. Dogs are the best. Dogs become a good family member, they are Loyal, compassionate, Cute, Funny and a good friend. When i first had a dog she was friendly, kind, nice, loyal so my family welcomed her into the family.
  7. Dogs are the best Dog can save lives. For example when you are at the beach and you’re drowning your dog knows that you are in danger she or he can help you back to safety.. If there is a burning tower your dog can warn from where it is coming from and can see what is happening to your body, they can sniff out cancer.
  8. Dogs are the best A dog’s brain can develop faster than a human’s brain Scientist found out that a dog’s brain can develop faster than a human’s brain.


I will always think that dogs are the best pet because of those eight reasons.





O’meara,Ryan. Amazing Dog Facts and Trivia. Singapore: Page one, 2010. Print.

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