Super Cicada!

I don’t know why but a lot of people (especially girls) are scared of the bug called the “Cicada” also known to be called “girl repellent”  they are scared of the skin a.k.a the exoskeleton, in tag it’s really useful when you are getting chased by a horde of girls.

FIFA favorite players

FIFA is cool,  choose your top players and get them NOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! and if you can’t afford them then get HESKEY!:

Messi! any person who doesn’t know soccer will choose this guy!

Huseklepp! Huseklepp is BEAST! 88 pace, fast but slow,  Bærum, Waynor!!!!

Heskey! Most people from Africa are good at soccer so he is good too!

Akinfenwa! He is so strong that he can lift up a HORSE! THE EARTH! THE UNIVERSE!

Adebayo Akinfenwa 2015.jpg


Quincy! It sounds like a girl’s name but it’s NOT!

Drogba! The first time I heard his name I thought that it was spelled like this: Dogbrah.

Neymar! Nice hair bro.

KSIOlajidebt! Deal with it.

Deji! Wait, why is he here?

Bale! Don’t BALE on us!

Aubameyang! DO YOU HAVE THE AUBAMEYANG PACE!?!?!?!?!?!?!



What will art be like in 100 years?

The biggest question that I want to be answered is “What will art be like in 100 years?” it’s a great question because you can be creative and wonder, in the last 10,000-40,000 years there was already paintings. So maybe in the future there will be no art at all, or there will be art but all art will be created using computers not paint or pencil.



Everybody knows Minecraft right? If you don’t then it’s time to catch up with the latest trends around the world. You know how Minecraft is about building blocks and going on adventures? That can be used in math, architecture and geometry (maybe).  There is a lot to see in there so you can buy the game for about $20.00, Story mode for$7.99 on Google play, $60.00-$60.99 on Xbox and PS,$24.77-$39.99 on PC. It’s so big that so much people do YouTube videos about it, there are even songs! I wonder how this franchise got so big in the first place, maybe the part that you can explore or the part that you can build anything.

Watermelon Prezi UOI

On UOI we are doing a Persuasion unit and we had to make something that can persuade other people. We had to pick a fruit and persuade others that the fruit we picked was the best fruit ever, I chose the Watermelon I had to work in partners with Trang who also chose watermelon.  What I need to work on is the order and when I present it I should not focus on the tech that much or my words will get messed up. If our presentation gets a lot of votes then me and Trang will be able to present in Mr. Daniel’s room. ??? Unfortunately, we lost, we got 6 but Mangoes got 7 votes, we missed by 1 vote! We were so close to getting to present. ???????☹???. Anyway, this is the link : Wonderous Watermelons




I don’t know why it’s very cold in Hanoi, probably because of the winds that are blowing from the north, climate change is a big thing now,  I saw an example of climate change this weekend actually, at Saturday soccer the temperature was 6 Celsius and the air smelled like smoke, then a big cloud of smoke drifted across the sky, today it’s 9 Celsius but next week it’s gonna go to 22 (which is a relief). Anyway, the problem is that we are contributing to climate change and it’s not gonna get better if we are just contributing to it.


Favorite quotes

“Don’t cry because it’s over,  smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss

“Everything you can imagine is real.”- Pablo Picasso

“Life is like a bicycle, to keep your balance you’ve got to keep moving.”- Albert Einstein

I think that these quotes are very motivational like Shia LaBeouf’s Just Do It

UOI: Persuasive TV commercials

For homework this week I am supposed to find an: ad, TED talk, Podcast, or a Vlog to see if it’s persuasive or not. I searched on YouTube “ads from the 80’s” for fun and they have pretty good search results , I watched the first video on the list and it was kind of persuasive so I started watching the whole thing and if you skip to 0:45 you will see the corn flakes commercial and what made it persuasive is the better taste, and nutrition so if you buy it then you get something good out of it. The link is here. or down here.



Non-fiction book review

This is my book review about Seymour Simon’s “Storms” which is a non-fiction book about storms and how they impact the earth.

Image link: Here


Date: 9th September 2015 


Name of the book: Storms


Author: Seymour Simon


Description of the content:

We live at the bottom of a blanket of air called the atmosphere. The atmosphere is always moving, sometimes slowly, other times quickly and violently. These changes in the atmosphere are called the weather. We call the violent changes, storms. Thunderstorms are the most powerful electrical storms in the atmosphere In twenty minutes, a single thunderstorm can drop 125 million gallons of water and give off more electrical energy than is used in a large city during an entire week.


There are many ancient myths about storms. The early Norsemen believed that Thor was the god of thunderstorms. They thought that lightning struck when Thor threw his mighty hammer and thunder rumbled when his chariot struck storm clouds.

Nowadays, radar, satellites, and computer keep track of storms and help scientists to forecast their behavior. But the more scientists learn about storms, the more complicated they find them to be. Storms still arouse our sense of awe and wonder.
I recommend this book because it is full of information about storms and how to avoid them.