Narrative Rubric

Grade 5 Rubric Narrative  – Create a Short Story  – Maximum 2 pages or at least 6 paragraphs ACARA Outcomes: Create literary texts that experiment with structures, ideas and stylistic features of selected authors Understand how noun groups/phrases and adjective groups/phrases can be expanded in a variety of ways to provide a fuller description of … Continue reading Narrative Rubric


SPIRITS It’s only been a month since my dad died. And now we’re moving to London England, It’s all proper and green There are a lot of parks “IS THAT BIG BEN”I shout. I step outside the car and look at the new house It’s all creepy and old looking. Oh I’m sorry I forgot … Continue reading Spirits


Platypuses Platypuses are one of the strangest animals on the planet. They have beaks like a duck’s beaks. it’s blind and lays eggs but it is a MAMMAL! Platypuses are one of the only Mammals that are venomous. (venomous means poisonous ) Where do platypuses live? Platypuses are found in the west coast of Australia … Continue reading Platypuses