G5 Speech

Defining moments

The defining moment of Grade 5 is that we get to learn different things, like Climate change, Migration, Electricity, Persuasion, Exhibition, Transitions. I think my favorite unit is Exhibition. Exhibition was really interesting . My topic was about Animal Cruelty. We did a lot of things. We went on a field trip and we got to learn about different facts about our topic and we got to make different things to decorate our stand to make it more interesting. Camp was really fun because we had awesome roommates and had tons of snacks and card games.   We had a wonderful time together. The disco party was really exciting except when we had to perform. I liked when one of the group was dancing to the Uptown Funk. It was girl vs boys. It was really funny when the boys started  lying on the floor whenever the song comes up and moving around like electric eels at the end all of the girls did it. It was just crazy. During Camp We get to learn about things like survival skills, trust, team building and working together. I really liked my friends they were awesome we had a lot of fun together during the year we did many random things together.


Well I would like to thank all of my teachers that has helped me each year and supported me, taking care of me and teaching me new things every single day. Starting from Pre K to grade 5. I would like to thank my friend’s for always being with me and always making me happy and encourage me to be myself. And last but not least I would like to thank my family for always supporting me and always saying “ If you don’t learn or  study you have to be careful or you might go back a year”, that always made me worried and it made me try my best at school. I’m  very grateful to you for all your help.

Experienced shared   

For me the experienced shared is that for many students in grade 5 is it is their first time going to camp with with their grade. This is a really common connection me and my classmates, we learn the same thing every day.  Changes for me during the year are that I have more responsibilities and that I have to think before I do something which is kind of hard for me because I don’t remember to think about it or  I just do things without thinking about it.

Things I learned during the year

I learned how to do long multiplication, Fractions, Decimals, Algebra, Electricity Unit, Migration Unit, Climate Change, Un summit, Transition, Persuasive Writing. Oh and I got a taste of what Grade 6 was like for a day.  We got to learn so many things during the year I can’t name all of it. But the favorite thing I learned this year was Exhibition I got to learn about the world and what happens to animals and how human beings affect animals  in different ways.


What the future holds                               


This is what I think will happen next year. I will learn that it takes some time to get used to changes,  I will be more responsible with what I do,  I will still keep in touch with my friends,  I will take care of my health more,  I will want more privacy,  I will be more mature,  I will still be creative I will be in Grade 6 and I will be a bigger sister.     

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