Defining moments The defining moment of Grade 5 is that we get to learn different things, like Climate change, Migration, Electricity, Persuasion, Exhibition, Transitions. I think my favorite unit is […]

https://drive.google.com/a/unishanoi.org/file/d/0B4hblSa-vCifZHZiU3A5ZFBaVVU/view?ts=56f90471 Click on this link to see a short video of my assessment

Teacher Myself using You Tube

For Homework, 5DL was asked to go home, find a video on YouTube and teach ourselves something by using the instructions that the video gives us.We had three weeks to […]

My exhibition topic is about Animal Cruelty. It was really fun we performed to the parents it I was really worried at first because I was kind late. The standing […]

My story is not that good. Maniac was running away from his home. He got so tired he lived in the street near the Library.He learned how to talk to […]