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Book Review

Book: Tom Gates is Absolutely Fantastic (At Some Things) Author: Liz Pichon   Tom’s school is going on camp (like 5th grade did) to somewhere really cool. The only problem is that Tom keeps forgetting his form. He manages to… Continue Reading →


Book of Life   A  car stopped in front of the boarding school. A small girl, Jade, stepped out. She waved her parents ‘bye’ and they drove off. Jade looked at the huge boarding school, called ‘House of Horus’. Jade thought… Continue Reading →

Movie Review

Movie: Hunger Games   The Capitol of Panem is choosing, yet again, another boy and girl from each district. They shall go on their journey on a televised show called Hunger Games. Who will be chosen? The main characters are… Continue Reading →

Book Review

Book: Big Nate Author: Lincoln Peirce   Nate is always pretty good at everything! Except school. But when he does something good, Arthur always does better. Now Arthur’s part of the same scout troop as Nate. Urgh! Now they have… Continue Reading →

Dodge ball

Hi! I wanted to write about dodge ball. Most recesses 5th grade plays a game or two of dodge ball! It’s really fun! There are 2 teams! If you really want to play dodge ball during recess, come over to… Continue Reading →

Migrant Museum Speech Video

Hi! This is my speech for the migrant museum.

Camp Refelection[

Finally! The day we leave for camp! It was the 30th of September and we were ready for a 2 hour trip to V Resort! I was so excited! But nervous because I had no idea who my roommates were… Continue Reading →


I pushes my way through the crowd. I needed to see them up close. Once I got to the front, it felt like the first time I opened my eyes. The lights were so bright, it felt like sunrise. Around… Continue Reading →

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