The WORST Day Ever


I wake in the morning sweating. My legs are tangled like a pretzel, a sweating pretzel. I feel dizzy. It’s probably because of the sweat. I slowly get up.The AC’s gone bust, and so is the fan. I look at my alarm clock. It’s 8 a.m. Yeah. Wait, 8 A.M! I’M LATE FOR SCHOOL! I wish it was a Saturday! My MOUTH! Yuck! I hate it when I have morning taste in my mouth! So I slowly get up. OW!! I trip on something. I fall and land on the floor. Actually, not on the floor, I landed on something hard and small. I get up, rubbing my back. In front of me there’s a little village of LEGO’S!! I get up and walk to the bathroom, limping.

I look at myself in the mirror. I see nothing. My eyes are still closed. There’s no time to take a shower so I just wash my face. I go to my room. I open my closet. I mean, I open a portal to the ‘The Planet Of Clothes’ Or at least that’s what my mom calls it. All my clothes fall out. Man! It took me hours to shove those in there! I look for my favorite shorts. I start throwing clothes everything. Then I go diving in. It’s NOWHERE! I jump out, trying to catch my breath. So I look for something else! There’s nothi… YES! I see my blue shirt! I pull it out.

Then I smell something! Gross! I look around! There’s nothing! I remember I do NOT have blue cheese in my room! Then I give my blue shirt a look! I pull my shirt closer. And closer. I quickly throw it away.GEEZ! That was horrible! I really need to wash my clothes! But, unfortunately, the window was open. Yup! My shirt went flying out! I quickly rushed to the window.

I look down. It’s NOWHERE in my yard, my SIGHT! It got to be somewhere here! I hear something. OH NO! It’s Mr. Grokenburg. He looks at me. “Watch where you’re throwing your things, young lady!” he yells. He throws it back in my yard. ‘Rude’, I think.

I hear my mom. “Time to go, Abi” she yells. I grab my bag and my invisible science homework. WAIT! Where’s my homework. no, no, no, NO! That took me hours to finish! I can’t, I-I need t-to, w-what, where… UGHHH!

I go downstairs. I walk past the trash can. Then I take a step back, to the trash can. I look closer! WHAT! I see MY HOMEWORK!!? Who put it in there! Ok! ‘I hope this was worth it’ I think. I hold my nose. I shut my eyes as tight as I could. My hand dives into the trash can. First I fish around. When I get hold of it, I pull it out. YUCK! I throw it in my bag! I wash my hands, grab some candy and run out. I’m GLAD that’s over! Or at least I hope it is!


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