Snow leopards are one of the very special animals, that belong in the family of cats. Their scientific name is Uncia uncia. Snow leopards are one of the big cats, like lions, tigers, cheetahs, etc. They live in snow, with amazing features, that make snowy places their habitat.


Appearance and Features

Snow leopards are a type of big cat. But there are some things that make snow leopards different. Snow leopards have light grey skin, with some white.They have black or dark grey spots, like a leopard. After all, snow leopards are leopards, just in the snow. Their eyes, unlike normal cats, are pale green, or light grey. Snow leopards have large paws, that help them walk in the snow without sinking. Snow leopards use their tails to help them balance while running. So snow  leopards have different features to help them, as they live in the snow.



Snow leopards live in Central Asia. They live in  India, China, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, and other near countries. During summer they live in mountain meadows. Snow leopards prefer living in rocky places.



Snow leopards are carnivores, meaning they hunt for food. They can hunt animals three times it’s own size. They mostly eat mountain goats, sheep, and deer. Snow leopards also eat smaller prey like, hares, marmots, birds etc.


Life Cycle

Snow leopards usually mate during the winter. So mostly the cubs are born around April or June. The number of cubs vary from 1 to 5 cubs When the cubs are born, they are blind and need to stay with their mother. Their eyes open at around 7 days. They are able to walk at 5 weeks, and at 10 weeks, they don’t need the help of their mother. Cubs become fully independent at 18-22 months. Snow leopards normally live for 15-18 years, but can live up to 25 years.



Snow leopards are interesting, but we might not see them for long. They are endangered. There are only about 3,500 to 7,000 in the wild, and 600 to 700 in zoos. Only less than 2,500 may reproduce in the wild. So let’s try to help them by making sure they get to live forever!

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