I was looking down at my cards, feeling the pressure. I had made it up to 19, but someone else had 20. I began sweating, knowing anything could happen now. I felt like quitting right then and there. “I can’t…”, I began saying but, I had to do something. I could barely hear the dealer saying, “So…”. OK! I’ve been practicing for years, and it all came down to this. I stared at the cards on the table, and in about 2 seconds, I saw something. I could make out a 2 of spades. I quietly did a little party in my head, and took the card. I was so scared! I noticed the other players looking at me like I just murdered someone. What if I read it wrong. I could see the card being turned over, but it almost felt like it was happening in slow motion. Everyone’s eyes was on the card. There it was I could see it. It was right in front of me. It was the… 2 OF SPADES. Suddenly, I could feel and ENORMOUS weight just fall off my shoulders. But, at the same time I saw eyes watching me. The dealer was looking at me like I had magical powers. Oh….

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