Short Summary: Stray dogs were found and given to prisoners. The prisoners became pretty happy to have their own companion with them. They all had like a friend. 

Before I watched the video I thought this would be a pretty good idea. Maybe they would learn more from the dog. But I didn’t really know why they would do this. 

After I watched the video my opinion din’t change much. I still thought is was a great thing to do, but now I understood more. 

I think that having dogs in orison is a good idea because it;s helping everyone. The stray dogs don’t have a companion, so I think giving them to prisoners was really good, because not only were the prisoners happy, but the dogs found a new friend too. There are many stray dogs without food, or owners, and most of them are given to shelters, so the dogs can find new owners. I think giving them to the prisoners is really helping the prisoners learn new things, and become more responsible. In the beginning of the video they said that “until someone has a relationship with an animal, a part of their soul isn’t found”, and I think this is very true. The prisoners seemed a lot more calmer when they were around the dogs. I think more prisons should start having dogs, as they will make a difference, for the dog AND the person. 


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