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The WORST Day Ever!!!

The WORST Day Ever   I wake in the morning sweating. My legs are tangled like a pretzel, a sweating pretzel. I feel dizzy. It’s probably because of the sweat. I slowly get up.The AC’s gone bust, and so is… Continue Reading →

Snow Leopard Report

Introduction Snow leopards are one of the very special animals, that belong in the family of cats. Their scientific name is Uncia uncia. Snow leopards are one of the big cats, like lions, tigers, cheetahs, etc. They live in snow,… Continue Reading →

Kids Shouldn’t Have To Do Homework

Homework is work kids are given to do at their house. Kids are given maths, english, UOI, Science, etc, homework. Homework is given to kids all around the world. Children shouldn’t have to do homework because of these reasons. Primarily,… Continue Reading →

Everyone Should Be Treated Equally

Everyone should be treated equally no matter what their circumstances. Being treated equally is making sure no one is being tortured or treated in a degrading way. People can be treated unequally for their race, wealth, religion, language, gender, origin,… Continue Reading →

Interview Video

  Reflection How clearly did you speak? I think I spoke pretty clear, but in the video you can’t really hear. The other person could hear me well. Did your voice show interest? I made sure I showed how I… Continue Reading →

Henry Sugar Powers

I was looking down at my cards, feeling the pressure. I had made it up to 19, but someone else had 20. I began sweating, knowing anything could happen now. I felt like quitting right then and there. “I can’t…”,… Continue Reading →

Hot Topic

http://www.dailyliked.net/dogs-in-jail/ Short Summary: Stray dogs were found and given to prisoners. The prisoners became pretty happy to have their own companion with them. They all had like a friend.  Before I watched the video I thought this would be a… Continue Reading →

Children Should Be Able To Choose Their Own Bedtime

A bed time is a time when kids have to go to bed. A bedtime can be anywhere from  7:00 to 11:00, depending on how old you might be. Bedtimes are given to kids all around the world.. Bedtimes shouldn’t… Continue Reading →

Persuasive Podcast

Hi! This is the podcast I chose for my homework. This podcast was made by me and my friend. Hopefully it’s persuasive!  

Hot Topic

Advertising aimed at children The aim of advertising is very simple: to get more people to buy your product so your company gets richer. As adults we like to think adverts do not influence us too much, but what about… Continue Reading →

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