Graduation Reflection

Before Graduation we did a lot of thing.


We chose who will be the poem reader, and the best speech. We also practice a lot the song unwritten.


I was excited that we are moving to middle school but a little nervous because it will be my first time in Middle school, but i bet middle school is great.


When graduation is here i was excited, because i like singing unwritten and listen to others doing the speech and poem. After that We came back to the class and eat cupcake and taking pictures.

Than all parents went home and we had break. After break we came back and eat pizza!!!! I ate 5 slice of pizza and they were so good. After we have a pool party it was so fun! Everybody was playing with their friends and happily swimming _DSC0835and playing at the pool.  After all the fun thing we did we had ICE, and it was great we play some games.


Summer vacation is here. Soon we will have to say bye to our grade 5 teachers to move on to middle school and some students are leaving UNIS. Graduation is fun but i am sad that i am leaving ES. I will never forget the fun things we did together. Remember when we had camp and field trip together and many times we tell jokes in class? All of that i will never forget. The time we learn new things. Sometimes we can be mad at someone, but after we forgive each other.

I will never forget Gade 5.

Cars Poem

Walking down the street,

Cars are everywhere.


Cars are annoying,

with their horn.


Cars are rude,

they ignore as if we are invisible.


Cars are monsters,

they are fast when they are late.


Cars are bad,

they pollute the air.


Cars are everywhere,

When will they ever stop.


My Story: The Death

My parents are in Australia for 5 months already, they said they will be back in 3 years. I was sad because my Parents will be back in 3 years. During that time I have to live alone, all by myself. I think i am okay living by myself, i have money because i go to school. I also have a extra work after school, selling stuff. I think I will be okay.


One night while I was sleeping I heard a door “SLAM”. I woke up and went slowly down stairs to my living room and someone is tickling me. I turned around shaking and saw no one! I thought it was just my imagination, so I went back to sleep.

While I was walking to school the next day, I found a book about a secret haunted house. It looks very creepy and it has dust all over it. I stopped for a while and think about what happened last night wasn’t my imagination, it was real! But i am still not sure. I look at my watch and it was 7:30. I was late. When I arrived at school everyone was looking at me like i have killed 10 people. I was in trouble because I was late. It was my first time that I came to school late. I tried to explain to my teacher what happened, but she did not believe me. I feel ashamed. While my teacher was explaining our Math problem I did not pay attention on her, but instead I was thinking about what happened last night and the book that I found this morning. Suddenly, The bell rang, It was time to go home. I was happy that school is over so I can read the book that I found this morning. I ran home and throw the bag down at the floor and did not think about homework, but I was more interested in the book. I sat down at my sofa and open the book. Inside the book it said, “ This is the scariest house in town. If you live in this house, well it’s too late! I have already experience that house and I am warning you. This house is haunted! The story of this house is there was this man who lived in this house years ago. He was never happy, he was sad because his wife died. One day he decided to die so he can be with his wife. He hang himself in the closet and died. If one of your family is in or going to another country, they might die during their flight to the other country or when they are coming back to their home country. The only way to get rid of the ghost is to talk with the ghost with a special machine that can talk to them, at exactly 12:00 in the midnight they will start haunting your house.” I didn’t think it was my house until at the bottom of the letter there is a picture of a house. I look clearly at that picture and started to freak out. It was my house and what happened yesterday night was true, it wasn’t my imagination at all. I went out and buy this special machine that a person wrote in the book. While i was walking i was so scared, i couldn’t believe it, my parents is in Australia and what if they die on their way back. After I bought the machine, i ran home as fast as I can.


Finally I was home, it was 11:55 PM, it was almost 12:00 AM. I read the instruction and it was 12 already. I turn on on the switch bottom and turn the handle and the light bulb light up. “Hello?”, I said. “What do you want?”, said i whispering voice inside the machine. I can’t believe it work! “umm…why are you haunting my house?”, I said. “Your house? It’s my house i live here before all of you!”, said a whispering voice inside the machine. “But i don’t get it,  i did not do anything to you, so why do you have to haunt my house? I mean your house?” ,I said. “Oh, i thought… nevermind, i don’t think i have a reason to haunt your house i should go, than.” said the whispering voice inside the machine. “Thank You, will you ever haunt my, i mean your house again?” I said. “No, since i am dead the house now belongs to you, Bye.” The machine turned of, i was so happy that the ghost won’t return. I did not knew that it will be easy to get rid of a ghost! I decided to call my parents. When I call them, they did not answer but a recorded voice says  the number that you call is not available. I nearly dropped my phone because what if they have a problem, like what they say in the book. I remember the part that the book said “ If one of your family live in that house, it’s too late!”  My heart was beating. So i take a little nap. A few hours later while i was resting a number call, it was an Australian number.  “Hello, Jane, It’s mom and dad, we just want to let you know that we are gonna be home at NYC tomorrow at 2:35 PM.” said, mom. I was so happy that they were fine! “ Really, i am so glad that you are fine!” I said. “ We have to go and pack up, honey. See you tomorrow!” said mom. I hang up the phone and prepare everything up, the house was messy and i need to bake a welcome cake for them. I just realize that tomorrow was Saturday, i have so much time to prepare. I was to tired so i decided to go to sleep and prepare things tomorrow. I felt happy that i got rid of the ghost.


The next morning i dress up, wash my face and brush my teeth and eat some breakfast. After i am done with all of that, i bake cake and clean the house. After all the hard work i did, it was 1:58 PM. I was so excited that my parents is coming. I wait until the doorbell rang.


It was 2:35 PM already,I thought for a while, is my parents trying to trick me or something. They should be here now. I few while later, a doorbell rang. I jump out of the sofa rush to the door with a happy face, i open the door and it wasn’t my parents but it was a strange man. “Good Afternoon, Ms.Jane. We have a bad news for you.”, said the man. “Bad news? What is it?”, I said with a worried face. “Your parents has died during their flight back to NYC.” ,said the man. I didn’t say anything, i shut the door and started to cry. For the rest of my life, i got obsessed with the image of my parents.

I live unhappily Ever After.

:) April Fools Day! :)

Happy April Fools day! 🙂 

Did you guys have fun on April fools day? Mine was amazing! This morning I came to school and i forgot that today was April fools day! I realize it was April fools day when my friend says that there is something on my hair, and then she say “Happy April Fools Day!”. My friend and I trick so many people that the principle wants to meet you, and 3 people fell for it!:D Today I saw SO many people was tricking each other!


🙂 Have a awesome day! 🙂

Recommended Books

Hi Guys, Here is my recommended book that i have read and it was AWESOME!!! Try it out! I will tell you a little bit what the story is about. So there is this two person, one is Sprocket and another one is Amy. Sprocket lost his memory and he is trying to find his memory back. Amy thought that her dad wants to marry another women since she spy on him, but is it true that her dad is marrying another person or is he helping someone? Try to read the book so you know what happens! The book is so mystery and when you start reading this book you don’t want to stop reading it because you are so curious about what happens next. Have a nice day! 🙂

deadly DEADLY!

Junk Food

Hi, my name is Lana, and today I want to tell you that Junk food is really bad for you. According to the British government, 40,000  people a year die because from eating too much junk food and these deaths can be avoided!


Do you know how eating a lot of junk food affects your health? People who eat a lot of Junk food, get sick because there is a large amount of sugar and fat in most junk food. Eating a lot of junk food makes you fat because there is too much sugar. The companies who sell junk food should make less or put less sugar in any type of junk food. But the companies that sell junk food will not stop selling because they want to make money and the government agree that they can sell junk food, so we cannot do anything about it only our parents can be responsible for taking care of their own kids.


Eating a lot of junk food can destroy your teeth because there is too much sugar, and sugar is so sweet that can destroy your teeth.


Junk food can affect the environment because some people eat a lot of junk food and don’t finish it, so they throw it away and it is wasting a lot of wrappers! If the people eat less junk food there will be less litter. We should stop eating so much junk food!


Some junk food is not that bad, for example chips have potato and potato is a type of vegetable, but it is also bad because you fried the potato and use oil to fry, and it is kind of a junk food.


Junk food taste really good but it’s not good for your health, so i think the people who eat a lot of junk food should eat less and start eating more healthy food.

Movie Response

The movie that i have seen and really enjoy it, is called “It Takes Two”. It is a really interesting movie.

There was This girl called Amanda she was not a royal girl. One day she and her classmate are going on a camp!

There is another girl named Alisa, she came back and visit her dad. Alisa was a very royal girl, she has a really fancy house. Next to her house was a camp. Alisa always use her telescope and see what the other kids have doing. She love to have camp and live like an orphan, she doesn’t want to be that rich. One day, Alisa was mad at her dad because he is going to get married to another women who doesn’t like him, that women only wants to live in a rich house. So Alisa ran out to a lake and Amanda’s friend dared her to ring on that really fancy house. Alisa dad was asking the assistant where is Alisa, but they don’t know. When Amanda rang the door bell the assistant open the door and thought that was Alisa because they look the same. When Amanda’s mom was looking all over for she finally found her sitting in the lake, but it was actually Alisa. They both got mixed up. So after they got mixed up, Amanda saw this house is amazing but she saw a women that look like a ghost and she ran away and went out of that house. Alisa was playing american football at the camp, everybody was chasing after her to get the ball but she ran away out of the camp. When both of them are running, they bump into each other and they were so surprise! They thought they saw them self. Then they introduce them self  and they finally understand what is going on. So Amanda likes to live in that fancy and rich house, but Alisa want to stay in the camp. So they decided to switch because since they look the same people won’t know.

After few days Amanda finally made Alisa’s stepmother going for 1 week, then Amanda and Alisa met each other again. They told each other what was going on. After a few while they decided to make Amanda’s mom get married with Alisa’s dad. So they plan that Amanda’s teacher will ride on the horse with Alisa going around and Alisa’s dad, Amanda will take him around. Then both of them went. Alisa’s dad didn’t know where she went and Amanda’s mom doesn’t know where Amanda went. The 2 girls try to make the horse ran around like crazy and Alisa’s dad saw Amanda’s mom having trouble with the horse and he came and help her. The Alisa’s dad got hit by a tree and Amanda’s mom help him. Both of the 2 girls think they are a good couple.

Few days later when Alisa’s dad nearly got married, Alisa force Amanda’s mom to go to that church. When Amanda’s mom show up in that wedding, Alisa’s dad don’t want to marry the women again but he wants to marry Amanda’s mom. When Alisa came, Amanda’s mom and Alisa’s dad was confused and then the 2 girls explained what happened. Then Amanda’s dad and Alisa’ teacher got married and they live a happy family.


The End 

Boy Overboard Persuasive Homework

“Excuse me, me and my sister got the wrong boat, and we need your help, can you get us to the other boat where are parent is?”, Said Jamal. The Smuggler says,” Sorry, but it is to late to stop and get you to the other boat! We need to be on time to get to Australia!”. “We are just a kid, and we need our parent or we will lost them!” said Bebe with a unhappy face. “I told you you, we will be late if we do this.”, said the smuggler. ” So what you’re saying is that being on time is more important then bringing a lost kid to our parent?”, said Jamal. The smuggler said,”Well…..umm….it’s kind of important.” “What?!?! So what if you were like us and we were like you! How will you feel if you got in to a wrong boat and lost your parent?”,  said Bebe. The Smuggler started to think and they said,”Fine, I will help you. You have a good point!”


The End