Graduation Reflection

Before Graduation we did a lot of thing.


We chose who will be the poem reader, and the best speech. We also practice a lot the song unwritten.


I was excited that we are moving to middle school but a little nervous because it will be my first time in Middle school, but i bet middle school is great.


When graduation is here i was excited, because i like singing unwritten and listen to others doing the speech and poem. After that We came back to the class and eat cupcake and taking pictures.

Than all parents went home and we had break. After break we came back and eat pizza!!!! I ate 5 slice of pizza and they were so good. After we have a pool party it was so fun! Everybody was playing with their friends and happily swimming _DSC0835and playing at the pool.  After all the fun thing we did we had ICE, and it was great we play some games.


Summer vacation is here. Soon we will have to say bye to our grade 5 teachers to move on to middle school and some students are leaving UNIS. Graduation is fun but i am sad that i am leaving ES. I will never forget the fun things we did together. Remember when we had camp and field trip together and many times we tell jokes in class? All of that i will never forget. The time we learn new things. Sometimes we can be mad at someone, but after we forgive each other.

I will never forget Gade 5.

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