Junk Food

Hi, my name is Lana, and today I want to tell you that Junk food is really bad for you. According to the British government, 40,000  people a year die because from eating too much junk food and these deaths can be avoided!


Do you know how eating a lot of junk food affects your health? People who eat a lot of Junk food, get sick because there is a large amount of sugar and fat in most junk food. Eating a lot of junk food makes you fat because there is too much sugar. The companies who sell junk food should make less or put less sugar in any type of junk food. But the companies that sell junk food will not stop selling because they want to make money and the government agree that they can sell junk food, so we cannot do anything about it only our parents can be responsible for taking care of their own kids.


Eating a lot of junk food can destroy your teeth because there is too much sugar, and sugar is so sweet that can destroy your teeth.


Junk food can affect the environment because some people eat a lot of junk food and don’t finish it, so they throw it away and it is wasting a lot of wrappers! If the people eat less junk food there will be less litter. We should stop eating so much junk food!


Some junk food is not that bad, for example chips have potato and potato is a type of vegetable, but it is also bad because you fried the potato and use oil to fry, and it is kind of a junk food.


Junk food taste really good but it’s not good for your health, so i think the people who eat a lot of junk food should eat less and start eating more healthy food.

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