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Exhibition Reflection

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In the Exhibition we had to do a lot of, like planning field trips, gathering data and etc. The issue I choose for the Exhibition is school lunch. I choose school lunch because in UNIS the food is unhealthy especially on Fridays, so that’s why I choose school lunch as my topic. I want to change the lunch at UNIS to a healthier and tastier lunch for the student that are at UNIS. It was difficult to gather the information and plan field trip but i found it interesting on what other school eat and what we eat during the Exhibition because the lunches are unhealthy at UNIS and SIS but at HIS it was really healthy. A healthy lunch should contain some dairy/ milk, vegetables, grains and maybe some junk food like: chocolate chips cookies or brownies or donuts etc.

We also had to sing in the Exhibition. At first I didn’t know the words to the song but when we kept practicing the song over and over again I slowly started to remember the word feel that the Exhibition gives student a chance to express their feelings and emotions about a topic. And Exhibition also allows freedom to a student because they can express their feelings  about a topic they care about.

Book Reflection #3

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A novel book i liked and finished was called Middle school the worst years of my life. I choose this book because it was funny and interesting. When i started to read this i began to realize that Rafe/the main character like to break rules but what i thought that was quite interesting and a bad example for the school was he created a game for breaking rules. But when i continued to read he slowly stated to change because of his feelings for others. for example: his mom. he changed by not breaking rules. I thought that was really nice of him to do that.

An connection i have with this book is he has brother that died of a type of sickness but, even though he died  Rafe continue to imagining him and talking to him. I also have an imaginary friend that I talk to him. If I could ask the author a question it would be, why does the the main character in your book likes to break rules.

Grade 5 Graduation Party

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In grade 5 we had a project called the Grade 5 Graduation Party. The Grade 5 Graduation Party we had to make a menu for our class. If i could do everything i would have checked if everyone had enough food to eat. It was fun because we could use our imagination to make a for our graduation party. This is the link that shows my presentation i did  with my partners: Math menu.

My Artist Statment

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Yin Vang 5KW

In art we did a drawing unit and created a lot of pictures then we had to choose our best drawing. I choose to do a wolf because it is one of

my favorite animals and it doesn’t really have much hair. I used etching because it is easy for me to

use and the wolf is covered in snow. I only used one technique witch was making the snow and the skin combined. That’s all the special technique i used. I just etched what i saw in the picture because i don’t really know a lot any technique.  I choose this drawing is my best because it matches the picture the most and the others. the others are too round are straight.

On The Move Reflection

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In grade 5 we are learning about why and how people migrate, the unit is called on the move.  At the end of the unit we are going to do something special, it’s called a living migration museum. What we do in the living migration museum is that we choose a family member or a friend and we tell the audience a story about why and how they migrated. We did a lot of fun and exiting rotation’s to prepare for the living migration because it is a big, hard and challenging project in grade 5.This unit was fun and challenging at the same time, the part I like the most is the rotations because it’s a fun way to learn and exiting way to learn. The most important task during the unit is preparing for the museum because it’s a special project. All our parents can come to watch us preform. Every rotation we go to all the classes to learn more and prepare, each class  the teachers teach something new but related to the subject.

Reading Reflection

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I have read a book called Dorkius Maximus. I really liked that book because  it’s funny and adventurous. The story was about a kid named Dorkius Maximus. Dorkius wanted to become a hero so he trained hard and finally, in the end, he helped a famous roman warrior fight in a battle and won. He got what he wanted and did become a hero.
My teacher said we had to write a letter to her every week. I thought that was a great idea. I’ve learned how to write a letter and writing letter’s are fun and exiting.

Electricity Unit Reflection

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I liked this electricity unit because I learned a lot of new thing’s like what are atoms and what is electricity. My favorite activity during the unit  was testing and learning how to experiment. I also went on a field trip. The place I went to was called Panasonic. In Panasonic, there was an activity room and a movie room where we could go in the screen. I really liked Panasonic because there was new and exiting technology. My favorite  new technology was an advance screen that was like a touch screen computer with special features. The hardest thing about this unit was making a pamphlet about what I knew about electricity. I hope the next unit will be just as interesting and educational as this one!

Grade 5 field trip to Panasonic

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Today, I went on a field trip to Panasonic to learn more about electricity. I was really excited to look at all the experiments. I’ve heard a lot of interesting things about the science center and I couldn’t wait to do the activities. There were a lot of new and modern technologies. During the trip I found out some things I didn’t know before. For example, I didn’t know that you could scan yourself so that you appeared on a movie screen. That was also my favorite part, and getting to watch some of my classmates on the screen. This idea was very creative and I would really like to know how it works and how the engineers built this.

Grade 5 Camp Pictures

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