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Reading Response: The Adventure of Tintin

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May 26, 2014 Posted 10:26 am

Dear Ms.Mindy,

Lately i had finish the comic book ” The Adventure of Tintin: The black Island” I think it was a really funny and good book for my reading level. I really enjoined reading it because i feel like that book really fits my interest, the illustration are really nice as well, there’s some really good vocabulary inside the comic. Another reason why i really enjoined this book is because i understood all the characters, all the settings and what happened in the book more than any other books that i read. And overall i really enjoined reading this awesome book and i hope there’s a series about this book so i could read more of them.


Your student


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Saving Vaquitas

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March 10, 2014 Posted 10:52 am

Vaquitas are the world’s most endangered porpoise. They are critically endangered and we need to protect them or else they’ll go extinct. They are killed because of by-catching (when fishing nets catch the wrong animal) and are also killed by natural predators such as killer whale and sharks.

Vaquitas are critically endangered. According to WWF, ”Vaquitas can only be found in the gulf of California in shallow water, they are rare and elusive, and they [were not] discovered until 1958. They are also critically endangered, because there’s only 200 of them left on earth, this makes them the most endangered animal in the world.”

Around the world, Vaquitas are being kill because of by catch by gillnets, and they are killed by predators such as sharks and killer whales. Gillnets are a problem because they are so big and they catch animals that are not meant for the net. A Canadian government study found that gillnets equipped with acoustic pingers reduced porpoise by-catch rates by 77%. Acoustic pingers make warning sounds. Fishing companies should be told to only use gillnets with acoustic pingers. These pingers will warn Vaquitas to stay away using sounds they don’t like.

Vaquitas eat ocean fish such as Gulf Croaker and bronze-striped grunts. People around the world catch these fish to sell them, and they also use them as fishing bait. Some people around the world eat them too. If people kill or catch Vaquitas only food source, it will run out and they’ll die of starvation, and some others animal eat them too and so if they all die then other animals are affected also.

In conclusion, if we don’t stop damaging habitats and using gillnets that are meant for other fish, we will lose the Vaquita. Humans are also over fishing and this is causing big problems for the endangered porpoise. Humans are only thinking about money and not about saving endangered animals. People should think about other living things. Once they are gone, they are gone forever.

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Persuasion Unit: Commercial Skateboarding for Moms

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March 7, 2014 Posted 9:29 am

In our U.O.I class, we’ve been given a product and a audience and we have to make a commercial that is persuasive enough to sell the product to the audience. And our we also got to put in group, and our group got skateboarding lessons for moms.


     And here’s our commercial

Hope u enjoined!

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Reading Response

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March 7, 2014 Posted 8:46 am

Dear Ms.Mindy,

Lately I’ve been reading the book called Football Academy, it’s about a kid and his dream was to be a professional soccer player, but he was afraid that his height would effects him. One day his dad bring him to the United soccer club to train because his dad told him that they were a professional soccer club and it’s a good chance for him to proof him self. The coach of the United club saw him and want the kid to show the coach what he’s got.

This is what I’ve read so far and i also really enjoy the first part of the book because i’m a sport person so it’s really interest me and i really want to read more.

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Grade 5 Party Budget

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March 6, 2014 Posted 9:37 am

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Tý Quậy

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February 28, 2014 Posted 11:30 am

Hiện Tại

Tý  Quậy là một đúa trẻ hay nghịch và rất mưu mô. Trong truyện này Tý Quậy được thầy giáo chia vào một đội để thi xem đội nào nấu cơm xong đầu tiên. Đội của Tý rất lo lắng vì đội mình không có ai biết nấu cơm cả, và những đội kia có những bạn con gái cho nên đội của Tý càng khó để thắng hơn. Cho nên nhờ chí mưu mô của mình, Tý đã nghĩ ra một kế hoạch. Lúc cuộc thi bắt đầu, đội của Tý là đội ở cuối, cho nên Tý có cơ hội để thực hiện kế hoạch của mình, Tý và bạn của cộng sự của mình chạy vào một quán cơm và bảo một em làm viêc ở đó cho cơm mà em nấu vào nồi cơm của đội Tý. Sau mười phút, đội của Tý đã bắt đầu chạy về vạch đích. Lúc về đích thầy giáo hỏi rằng là ” Có mỗi mười phút mà sao các em nấu cơm nhanh thế?” Xong rồi thầy giáo mở nồi cơm ra để xem cơm đã chín chưa, xong rồi thấy nhìn thấy: Thịt kho, rau xào, và nhiều thứ nữa. Vì thế đội của Tý về cuối.

5 năm sau…..

Em nghĩ rằng, 5 năm sau Tý sẽ là một học sinh rất là khôn ngoan và sẽ rất là lười, hay quên làm bài tập, và tạo ra rất nhiều lí do để bạo hộ cho mình. Và lúc về nhà Tý sẽ rất hay đi cướp đồ của bố mẹ và hàng xóm.

10 năm sau…..

Em nghĩ rằng khi Tý lớn lên, Tý sẽ là một nhà khoa học thông minh, mưu mô và sẽ muốn tất cả mọi thứ cho mình, nhưng sẽ là một người cũng rất hay đùa và vui tính.

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Artist Statement

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February 24, 2014 Posted 11:40 am

I chose a tower because I think It fit my drawing level and I think it look very interesting because it have a lot of details in the background.  For this piece I used etching tools.  For this piece I used a varieties of crosshatching, texture lines and some shading. The reason that I chose this piece because I think I try my hardest on this one and I really like etching so I really spent time on this.etching so I really spent time on this.Viet 5MS

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Persuasion: PAPAMS

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January 27, 2014 Posted 5:32 pm

Hi, in 5MS class we have been studying the unit called” Persuasion” it’s mostly about ways to persuade people to do something, and so far we have been watching ads and logos and use one of the way that they use to persuade people. And in our class we have this thing call PAPAMS and we watch a commercials on the internet or on magazine and we have to describe it using PAPAMS and here i have an example you need to click or copy the link in order to watch the video.

P: ProductGatorade_Logo_900_01 by Bory_900

A: Audience

P: Purpose

A: Advertisement Ways

M: Media

S: Stereotypes


Here’s my PAPAMS————>                                                                                 P: Gatorade

                                                                                                                                                   A: Every one

                                                                                                                                                       P : They trying to convince people that Gatorade is good for athletes.

                                   A: Testimonial

                                                                                                                               M: Commercials

S: I think that this product is mostly for boys and men because this is an energy drink so i think that women is mostly about healthy things but most of the boys and men don’t really care so i think that this is mostly for boys and men and also really good for athletes.

I think i was being a thinker when i wrote this because i think about what to write in this post and i think i did well.

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The book of 5MS

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January 8, 2014 Posted 9:13 am

Hi i’m Viet, at my class we had created a book called ” The book of 5MS” and we put it on the internet and it’s about stories that we wrote in class and we put all of it in one book.I think you should check my story and my friend stories. Hope you enjoined our story:D.

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Migration U.O.I Reflection

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December 13, 2013 Posted 9:27 am

In our U.O.I class, we’ve learned about migration, and why people migrated. And i have some of the reasons why i think people move or migrated to others country: war, family, job… I think Viet Nam is a good example, because Vietnamese people eat and sell lots of food from others country like: Cheese, Bread, Spaghetti… And we also made an story about the person that we interview,then we have a thing called Living wax Museum and we make a story out of the interview with the person that you interview about when they migrated. I think this unit is awesome, and amazing.


I think i was being enthusiasm when i wrote this reflection because it’s showed how i enjoined learning and want to learn more about this unit.

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