Grade 5 camp Memory

My friends and I were dancing in the bed and singing an annoying song. “There was a moose, who used to drink a lot of juice”. The others were just watching. We danced for about 3 long minutes. We heard a terrible scream coming from next door. We stopped exactly when the scream came. Then we heard a teacher yell “OPEN THE DOOR”! We didn’t move, not even one single hair. We thought that we had to open the door. We thought we got caught for dancing on the bed and singing. Then we quickly went under the blankets and pretended to sleep. The other ones quickly ran to the creaky door that connected our rooms. Then they disappeared to the darkness of their small room and didn’t come out. After that we actually fell asleep.

At breakfast we didn’t say a word about last night and what happened, even though everyone else was talking about it.














Math Reflection

1. What have you learned in math?

I have learned how to solve problems in many different ways. I also learned that math is important in the real life, every day you use some kind of math sometimes you don’t realize it.

2. How have you grown?

First I didn’t like math at all. Now that I realize that sometimes it’s fun I kind of like it now. I don’t exactly love math but I don’t hate it. Sometimes something are challenging than other things.

3. How have your math skills changed or improved.

My math skills have improved a lot. Now I know how to solve problems in different ways. Now I also do more thinking in the head instead of the paper. I also know how to solve harder problems I don’t have to use the calculator.

4. What was challenging/easy for you?

I think the decimal and the fraction unit was the hardest for me, mostly the decimals. I didn’t know anything about decimals when we had the unit. Now I know enough to survive. I just needed time to learn. Now I also know how to do work more independently.

5. What work are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the multiplication and the division unit. In my opinion it was easy for me. I was familiar with the stuff we went through but didn’t know them that well. I’m also proud of my work in the decimal and fraction unit, because I challenged myself to try harder things. Also I tried my best even if the answers weren’t also correct I tried my best.

Reading/Writing Reflection

1. What have you learned in reading/writing?

I have learned to write longer stories and more creative. Before I used to write really short and simple stories. Now that I have learned some basic things about writing I know how to write good stories. For my reading I have learned that if the beginning is boring don’t stop reading, just keep going because it might get better in the middle or near the end. I used to stop at the 1st chapter if it was boring. Sometimes if the book really is boring then I just change the book to a different one.

2. How have you grown?

Before I didn’t read that many books because I thought they were boring. Now I like to read books because it makes your thinking more creative and helps you to improve your reading skills as you read more and more hard books. Also when I’m bored I can read a book. I also used to read only books related to animals. Now I read horror books and mysteries and many different types of books.

3. How have your reading/writing skills changed or improved?

Now I can read harder books and write longer poems or stories. My writing and reading skills have improved quite a lot. It helped me to read better if I asked myself questions. For writing it helped me if I thought of the books I have read. That way I can think how to make the writing interesting.

4. What was challenging/easy for you?

The challenging part was to choose good level books and interesting ones. Sometimes they’re interesting but too hard and sometimes good level but boring. For writing it was challenging to make a story that makes sense and is interesting. Not just really good at the beginning but also good in the middle and end.

5. What work are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the book selection I make. If there are good books I read them but if not then I might go look for the book somewhere else. For my writing I’m proud of the stories, because they’re not too long but not too short. Sometimes they’re more creative and interesting.

Google Sketch Up

During math time in 5MS. We had to create an exact model of our classroom on Google sketch Up. When we finished the model, we had to redesign it. To make it look nice again. Then we had to record and tell why we changed it. We also had to think what it would look like in the real life. Since we didn’t measure the quiet room, we had to be careful not to put anything in front of it so we can’t get in.

Here is the video to the design:

Reading Response

Dear Ms. Mindy,


This week I read this book called “Warrior Cats” it’s written by Erin Hunter.

It’s about these cats that live in different clans. Each clan has a name. One is Thunder Clan and another one is Shadow Clan. The clans can sometimes be friends or then they fight. The cats’ worst enemies are humans, they call humans two legs. The cats have a certain names depending on their age. Each Clan has a queen cat, medicine cat, leader cat, deputy cat, of course warriors and cats who are trained to be warriors. If a cat is a queen the name ends in foot, for example Ashfoot. When you are in training you name ends in “paw” like Firepaw. Then you change the end of the name when the cat goes to a higher place. My book was the first one so it was introducing the characters.

C: I also like cats, and the author made this book because she loves cats.

R: I felt happy for the cats that move to a higher place.

O: I think this book is well written, but there shouldn’t be that many characters, because it’s hard to remember all of them.

P: I think that all the clans will fight together kind of like world war 3 but in cat world. Then they become friends when the humans attack.

Q: I wonder why the cats change their name when they move to a higher place.

V: I imagine the cats looking like what they’re named after. For example FireHeart (same as Firepaw but in a higher place) reminds of fire. Ashfoot looks like ash. Etc.

Reading Response

Dear Ms. Mindy and other readers,

I read this book called “Way side school ” by Louis Sachar. I think the book was sort of funny, but really easy.

The book is about this school called “Wayside School” (obviously). But the school isn’t quite normal. There are cows on the hall ways, teeny tiny classrooms, dead rat in the canteen and teachers who think that students are monkeys! Also meet Mrs. Gorf who will turn you into an apple, John the boy who reads upside down and Bebe the fastest drawer in Mrs. Jewel’s class. Wayside school also has 30 floors and chapters


C: I have been in strange schools also…like when boys wear nail polish pink nail polish and pink heart necklaces.

R: I kind of felt sorry for the new kid who doesn’t know anything about this weird school.

O: I think the author described the characters well. And made the chapters interesting, because there is no 19th floor in Wayside School and there is no 19th chapter.

P: I predict that Wayside School will never be a normal school.

Q: I wonder why the students in Wayside School are so weird. I also wonder why does the principal love the microphone which he uses to make the daily announcements.

V: could imagine how strange the students look. I imagine Bebe really chubby and brown pigtails. John has glasses and dirty short blonde hair. Mrs. Jewels has pink curly hair. I have no idea why but still.


Best wishes,



PYP Exhibition Grade 5

In 5th we have this big project called “The Exhibition”. Our main idea for this unit is “There are problems in my world that connect to Learning, Responsibility and Community”.  In the Exhibition we choose topics and we learn about them for 7-8 weeks. We go on  interviews and field trips to find out more information. Then when the learning is over we share. We have to set up this board and talk about our topic. Sometimes it’s not easy.

My topic was Endangered Animals. I chose this topic, because I really care about animals and imagine if all the animals were gone. No dogs, no cats,no horses no nothing.  I had 5 people in my group including me: Tra My,Chuc An,Na Youn,me and Ayumu. Exhibition was sometimes stressful  and annoying. In the end it turned out fun. When the Exhibition was over we had to clean up all of our stuff. When we cleaned up were ready to go, for some reason I felt sad. It felt like we are leaving and never coming back even though it was just the Center Of The Arts.  I guess I was just used to the fuss of Exhibition.

Here is a video  about the Exhibition.

Reading Response

Dear Ms. Mindy and other fellow readers,


This week I read the book called “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” it’s written by Jeff Kinney.

This book is about a wimp called Greg Heffley. I think that his family is kind of weird. He has a little brother named Manny and a big brother called Rodrick. Sometimes being the middle kid sucks. So in the book Greg and Rodrick are fighting ALL the time. Then one night they have to stay home while Manny and the parents go out for the weekend. The boys have to be alone and nice to each other. Rodrick has a party and locks Greg down in the basement. Then the mom calls and eventually Greg gets to join the party. After the party the parents called and they are coming back in an hour. They have a lot of cleaning to do.  Rodrick and Greg become friends… or maybe not.


C: I have a connection to Greg. I’m also the middle kid but I don’t fight with my siblings a lot. Mostly my little sister and my brother fight.

R: Sometimes I feel bad for Greg because his family is kind of weird and if Manny does something it gets blamed on Greg.

O: I think the author wrote the books well, because they draw you in and they are funny. The text is also easy to read, but not too easy.

P: I don’t really have predictions because I finished the book. But before I read it I thought that Greg and Rodrick are going to be friends but something happens and everything is back to normal.

Q: I wonder why Greg is the one whose life isn’t so good all the time. Why are the parents sometimes so unfair to the kids especially Greg.

V:  I don’t really have any visualization because it’s a comic novel book.

Best Wishes,


rodrick rules

Interpreting Graphs



In 5MS math we are learning about data. These are my statements for this graph:

Statement 1:

In 2012-2013 grade 4 and grade 7 had the same amount of students.

Statement 2:

Discovery and Kindergarten combined has the same amount of students as grade 4 and grade 7

Statement 3:

In 2012-201 Only 16 students were in Discovery.


Reading Response

Dear Ms. Mindy and other readers,

I read this book called “Dork Diaries” it’s the first book of the series and its written by Rachel Renée Russell.

It’s about this girl called “Nikki”; she is dyeing to be popular. She tries to get her mom buy her an IPhone. She is also facing some trouble with her family. She has also moved to a new school, where she meets new friends. The friends might not be the “angels” of the school. To be exact they are the coolest and most populous people in the school. She wants to be their friend, but since they saw her crappy old phone. They popular girls ran screaming down the hall after they saw the phone.


C: I have a connection to this book, when I read this book called “The Worst Things about My Sister”, it is really similar to Dork diaries. The main girl wants to be popular but her big sister ruins everything.

R: I felt happy for Nikki, when she got a gift from her mom she thought it was an IPhone but actually it was a diary. At that part I felt kind of sad for her.

O: I think the author wrote this book quite well. She describes the character’s feelings and makes it funny.

P: I think that Nikki is going to be popular but she has to through some challenges.

Q: I wonder why doesn’t Nikki have any friends? Why is her family so weird?

V:  I see Nikki looking really happy and laughing her head off when she tricked her little sister that the tooth fairy is going to take all of her teeth, because Nikki’s little sister hid her tooth in the backyard.