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Exhibition Reflection

by on May.14, 2014, under Portfolio, UOI

We finished Exhibition a  while ago and I still remember most of what happened . First we practiced our version of roar  and that was not really good because I stood at the edge of the risers  and kept on falling off cause the person next to me was pushing me off! After that we showed the […]

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Book reflection

by on Mar.19, 2014, under Elementary

right now I’m reading savage stone its a part of the horrible history series.it talks about how the cavemen were smart but it makes it seem funny like  the other books this book reminds me of a time when I went to a history museum  and it talked about the history of human evolution  and other […]

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art stament

by on Feb.24, 2014, under Portfolio

I chose the Shark because It had the simplest form out of all of the animas I like. I used Etching and a scratch board because it was easier to draw the sharp lines and for the hard lines. I used different thinness of my out lines like big small and wide long and so […]

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Book review

by on Jan.21, 2014, under Elementary

For lit circles we just finished reading number of the stars its about two girls and ones a girl and its in world war 2 so the girls that’s not Jewish  (Annemarie) has to guide the Jewish girl (Ellen) her best friend through Nazis and others dangers to safety. While having some assistance from an old friend peter […]

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30 second spooky story (two storys) boooo

by on Dec.11, 2013, under Elementary

You walk along the street on Halloween night you are walking with your big bag of candy. Then you see a tall man and he says come with me to get the most candy. So you follow him and you come to a grave yard .Then you see a grave stone with your name on […]

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On The Move Reflection

by on Dec.11, 2013, under Portfolio, UOI

What on the move taught me was a lot of reasons why people move and how they change and other things like that. How this unit changed me was now I can identify what is the set up of a migrating story. What I think was the most funniest (or is going to be ) is the living […]

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Book Refelection

by on Nov.13, 2013, under Elementary

A few days ago I read a book called goose bumps camp run-for-your-life choose your its about  you arrive at a camp called running leaf and your freinds tell you it actually called camp run for you life so you go in the camp and you see a big man called coach Rex. He tells […]

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Electricity Reflection

by on Oct.30, 2013, under Elementary, Portfolio, UOI

During this UOI I learned how electricity works, what atoms are,  and who discovered  electricity. I found this part of the unit to be quite helpful and interesting. What I liked was when we where doing testing with the electrical circuits and making toys. I also enjoyed the field trip to the Panasonic museum.  It was high tech and […]

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Agents for Change Reflection

by on Oct.30, 2013, under Portfolio, UOI

I think the Agents for Change UOI taught me that action starts small then becoming bigger. What was fun about this unit was the videos that we got to watch. My favorite one was the Ted Talk. This video was about lollipop moments in life. I found that to be very useful. What I did not like […]

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by on Oct.24, 2013, under Elementary

A few ago we went to a Panasonic museum it was cool and very informational. We went there on bus (it was really loud) .Then we arrived at the museum we went upstairs they gave us a tag and we were off first we went to a board, TV, and saw Panasonic gadgets. Then we […]

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