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Electricity Reflection

by on Oct.30, 2013, under Elementary, Portfolio, UOI

During this UOI I learned how electricity works, what atoms are,  and who discovered  electricity. I found this part of the unit to be quite helpful and interesting. What I liked was when we where doing testing with the electrical circuits and making toys.

I also enjoyed the field trip to the Panasonic museum.  It was high tech and looked really cool,  they had good factual information, and other  things that I could touch with my hands to help me learn. What I disliked was the deadline of the electricity brochure. I found it to be very stressful to work under a time constraint.  I also found the website activity to not be very useful because we were already half way through the unit and already knew most of what the website was teaching us.

What I learned was what an atoms is made up of. Atoms have electrons which are negatively charged and protons which are positively charged and neutrons which are not charged at all.  Another thing I learned was how circuits work.  They work properly when there is an closed circuit. So  that electrons can flow through the circuit to create electrical power.

What I found interesting was who discovered electricity. Michael Faraday was the person who discovered electricity he found out about electromagnetism  by wrapping a paper cylinder with wire. He connected the coil to a galvanometer, and then moved a magnet back and forth inside the cylinder. then discovered magnetism.

The activity’s that we did during the unit was 1 making a light bulb light (carl made the bulb light the fastest) then we wrote down what we discovered. Then we made electricity brochure where we had to research about electricity and use text features. Now our last activity was making toys I was making a plane and we recorded it.

Now that the unit is over I still have some questions like what was the first house that ran on electricity? or who discovered electrons? And what thing that I use to not know but now I do is who discovered electricity  that now I know is Michael Faraday and where did electricity come from? Which comes from coal and its also natural. My suggestion for next year is MORE TIME FOR BROCHURE  AND more creating!!!





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