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A few ago we went to a Panasonic museum it was cool and very informational. We went there on bus (it was really loud) .Then we arrived at the museum we went upstairs they gave us a tag and we were off first we went to a board, TV, and saw Panasonic gadgets. Then we went to the big museum.it had a lot of games and thing and they showed you how it worked here’s a picture of us about to be leaving

What I learned was lighting can generate 1000 volt and that light goes straight but when hit by a lens and when you move the lens it acts like a magnifier if you could see through the lends. And electricity is through nature .and that the sunlight has multiple different colors. And electricity goes through nature too.

What I changed my mind about was coal being a good power source because it can hurt the ozone layer. I also changed mind on thunder not being that dangerous it can generate over 1000 VOLTZ! And another thing is I realized is that electricity runs on a lot of thing like not just coal but like radioactive, plasma, oil and solar power.


The most important thing I will remember that you can make electricity and there is machines that use less water to make electricity. all the fact I learned

What question I still have is there infinite electricity or finite? Why was it named electrons  in the first place? who had the idea to save energy?

Then we came back to school on the bus and did our music performance. but I would love to go there again one day when they have more advance technology.  Like robots or something that would be cool and fun .



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