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by on Oct.17, 2013, under Elementary

WOW! Camp was amazing, but it is now over. We had so much fun with the games, rooms, disco, preforming, and all that goodness. My favorite part was the hike. These are some of the highlights of camp for me.

The hike it was great fun all of us. Getting muddy, disgusting, smelly and horrifying. First, on the hike, I thought to myself, Getting muddy would be like get me killed, but after a while I did not care where I stepped. So here’s how we got to the hike: we began with this smelly road which was disgusting. Then the trail started to get grassy. Next, we had a lot of obstacles, like pipes, trees, hills and MUD!  Here is a picture of us.

The disco was epic! It had music party, hats dance offs and everyone was having fun. Here is a picture of my friends and I dancing.  My favorite part of the disco was the stage, because you could rock with your friends there. We also had performances that were awesome. Here is a picture. I just wish we had camp again , but then again it was awesome.

Now I loved the activities like everything else but my favorite activity was Quidditch because the snitch could always change the game so any team could win no matter what. The other activities were also fun like Wizards, Giants, Dwarves, the team building game the indoor/outdoor games and some more I forgot there name. These games I think we would not play in school the activities were awesomely amazing here is a game of Quidditch.



After all this happened, we got on the bus, had fun and came back to school, but I will, without a doubt, never forget when we went to camp, with the swimming, dancing, fun, hiking, food and bus  ride. But now I’ve learned to be more responsible, caring and now I’m 100x more social.  Well those were good times….. Really good times…..

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  • 21anvo

    Hi Felix!
    I must agree with you. The disco was a blast! On the hike, I remember seeing everybody getting covered in mud. It was quite hilarious! Why do you think you would be killed if you get muddy? I like the way you described the trail that led us to the hike. 🙂

  • Jeremy

    I like the way that you were very specific about what happened at camp. I can connect to your reaction to Quidditch, because I loved it just as much! My question is, Why didn’t you like the hike?
    Jeremy 🙂

  • Tuan

    Hey Felix!

    I really liked how you loved and describe about the hike and getting all muddy, disgusting and horrifying. I felt the same but, I was not really enjoying myself THAT much. When I got to the part where I sink into the mud, I just gave up and go along with it. I really wonder, what was your second favorite thing about camp?

  • 21vto

    Yo Felix!

    I really like the ways that you described the camp. I think that you explained really well. And i really like your ending.

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