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Exhibition Reflection

by on May.14, 2014, under Portfolio, UOI

We finished Exhibition a  while ago and I still remember most of what happened . First we practiced our version of roar  and that was not really good because I stood at the edge of the risers  and kept on falling off cause the person next to me was pushing me off! After that we showed the little kids our stands after that we fixed up stands if we had to then we presented some more finally were done and we had to go but after 5.pm or so we would have to come back and present to the parents.I had mixed feeling about that because we could show the things we worked of for a lot of weeks but you could mess up badly and feel extremely embarrassed. So once you were done waiting around you would have to go to school and prepare and once the parents came in you would have to be finished go to the atrium  and watch the process video after that parents would look around at stand but almost half the people from the top of the atrium came to us because ours was right outside the door plus some groups had to share performances and after those performances we had to go to the roar performance so my group had to run around a lot.After the exhibition (the next day) we would have to do a lot reflecting on exhibition  how it turned out how you feel about it. So after the exhibition I think it was one of the funnest and creative project I have ever done



photo of long and me
photo of long and me

getting ready
getting ready

still preparing

still preparing



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Book reflection

by on Mar.19, 2014, under Elementary

right now I’m reading savage stone its a part of the horrible history series.it talks about how the cavemen were smart but it makes it seem funny like  the other books this book reminds me of a time when I went to a history museum  and it talked about the history of human evolution  and other things.My reaction to this book most of the time was amazed  and some times disgusted since i think its too real for a book.But I have a few questions fir this book because I don’t know how they got this info and why is there sometimes useless facts they people don’t need to know. I recomed this to people who like history.108958-px310-229313

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art stament

by on Feb.24, 2014, under Portfolio

I chose the Shark because It had the simplest form out of all of the animas I like.

I used Etching and a scratch board because it was easier to draw the sharp lines and for the hard lines.

I used different thinness of my out lines like big small and wide long and so on.

I chose this as my best because I tried really hard on this piece of work.


My work

My work

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Book review

by on Jan.21, 2014, under Elementary

For lit circles we just finished reading number of the stars its about two girls and ones a girl and its in world war 2 so the girls that’s not Jewish  (Annemarie) has to guide the Jewish girl (Ellen) her best friend through Nazis and others dangers to safety. While having some assistance from an old friend peter her mom and dad and here uncle Herrick.  What I think the best part was when they talked about what happened in the end like one of the friends dyeing and the truth about Annemarie’s older sister Lisa how she really died . What I think this book is really good cause In every chapter there’s a cliff hanger and you are dyeing to know what happens. What I think is cool is its based on a true story but Annemarie was a fiction charter and also everyone else. This book  reminds me about a time when one time I heard a story about a war and they had to drive people out of  the country to safety and send them to safe places like America Australia and other places. This story was sort of like when peter and to lead Ellen’s family to a boat and to safety. I recommend this book to people in grade 5 cause its not so hard or easy and its a really good book. Here is a picture of the coverimagesCA444E4N

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30 second spooky story (two storys) boooo

by on Dec.11, 2013, under Elementary

You walk along the street on Halloween night you are walking with your big bag of candy. Then you see a tall man and he says come with me to get the most candy. So you follow him and you come to a grave yard .Then you see a grave stone with your name on it and it’s the last thing you see. BOOOOOOOOOOOO

You are lost you see a house you walk to it knock on the door a small man appears. He asks if anyone knows you’re here you say no then he invites you to dinner you see the menu it say fresh cooked human. The end

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On The Move Reflection

by on Dec.11, 2013, under Portfolio, UOI

What on the move taught me was a lot of reasons why people move and how they change and other things like that. How this unit changed me was now I can identify what is the set up of a migrating story. What I think was the most funniest (or is going to be ) is the living museum because we practice and people going to watch us and we are going to have a great time. What I think was the easiest thing was when we got to listen to the story because we just sat there and wrote info and watched cool story’s. What I think was the hardest was when we had to prepare for the living museum since we had to write info interview and lots of hard work. What I think we should do for next year is to start the researching a little bit sooner.

From Felix

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Book Refelection

by on Nov.13, 2013, under Elementary

A few days ago I read a book called goose bumps camp run-for-your-life choose your its about  you arrive at a camp called running leaf and your freinds tell you it actually called camp run for you life so you go in the camp and you see a big man called coach Rex. He tells you that there are 2 choices camp or a tornement if you choose the hike you get to fight zombie and run and escape.If you choose the tornement  you swim thought crocodile and jump fire hoops!!!And you find out the truth about the camp they are allies!!!! you escape out of a bike and contac the FBI and you save the world.This book was relay good I recommend this book to people who like a good scare!!

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Electricity Reflection

by on Oct.30, 2013, under Elementary, Portfolio, UOI

During this UOI I learned how electricity works, what atoms are,  and who discovered  electricity. I found this part of the unit to be quite helpful and interesting. What I liked was when we where doing testing with the electrical circuits and making toys.

I also enjoyed the field trip to the Panasonic museum.  It was high tech and looked really cool,  they had good factual information, and other  things that I could touch with my hands to help me learn. What I disliked was the deadline of the electricity brochure. I found it to be very stressful to work under a time constraint.  I also found the website activity to not be very useful because we were already half way through the unit and already knew most of what the website was teaching us.

What I learned was what an atoms is made up of. Atoms have electrons which are negatively charged and protons which are positively charged and neutrons which are not charged at all.  Another thing I learned was how circuits work.  They work properly when there is an closed circuit. So  that electrons can flow through the circuit to create electrical power.

What I found interesting was who discovered electricity. Michael Faraday was the person who discovered electricity he found out about electromagnetism  by wrapping a paper cylinder with wire. He connected the coil to a galvanometer, and then moved a magnet back and forth inside the cylinder. then discovered magnetism.

The activity’s that we did during the unit was 1 making a light bulb light (carl made the bulb light the fastest) then we wrote down what we discovered. Then we made electricity brochure where we had to research about electricity and use text features. Now our last activity was making toys I was making a plane and we recorded it.

Now that the unit is over I still have some questions like what was the first house that ran on electricity? or who discovered electrons? And what thing that I use to not know but now I do is who discovered electricity  that now I know is Michael Faraday and where did electricity come from? Which comes from coal and its also natural. My suggestion for next year is MORE TIME FOR BROCHURE  AND more creating!!!





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Agents for Change Reflection

by on Oct.30, 2013, under Portfolio, UOI

I think the Agents for Change UOI taught me that action starts small then becoming bigger. What was fun about this unit was the videos that we got to watch. My favorite one was the Ted Talk. This video was about lollipop moments in life. I found that to be very useful.

What I did not like was that we didn’t learn about Gandhi and Martin Luther King. I feel these people are important because they were real life Agents for change.  Also we didn’t have a lot of time during this unit so I found that to be discouraging. However, it was still really fun. What I still wonder  about is who has made the biggest change in the world so far?

What challenged me was the action poster. It challenged me because it took me a long time to think about what action means to me.  What I found easy was like reflecting like this. My suggestion for next year is that the students get to learn about people who changed the world  drastically.

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by on Oct.24, 2013, under Elementary

A few ago we went to a Panasonic museum it was cool and very informational. We went there on bus (it was really loud) .Then we arrived at the museum we went upstairs they gave us a tag and we were off first we went to a board, TV, and saw Panasonic gadgets. Then we went to the big museum.it had a lot of games and thing and they showed you how it worked here’s a picture of us about to be leaving

What I learned was lighting can generate 1000 volt and that light goes straight but when hit by a lens and when you move the lens it acts like a magnifier if you could see through the lends. And electricity is through nature .and that the sunlight has multiple different colors. And electricity goes through nature too.

What I changed my mind about was coal being a good power source because it can hurt the ozone layer. I also changed mind on thunder not being that dangerous it can generate over 1000 VOLTZ! And another thing is I realized is that electricity runs on a lot of thing like not just coal but like radioactive, plasma, oil and solar power.


The most important thing I will remember that you can make electricity and there is machines that use less water to make electricity. all the fact I learned

What question I still have is there infinite electricity or finite? Why was it named electrons  in the first place? who had the idea to save energy?

Then we came back to school on the bus and did our music performance. but I would love to go there again one day when they have more advance technology.  Like robots or something that would be cool and fun .



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