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A.T.L (Approaches To Learning)

This quarter in french the A.L.T I used most was “thinking” I choose this A.L.T because we had to think a lot about what we had learned the past lessons. The 3 main points I did was  practice observing carefully in order to recognize problems, draw reasonable conclusions and generalizations and evaluate evidence and arguments.


Mon pays frabcophone

Regarde sur Haiku le bloc Les pays francophones

You have chosen a Francophone country.


Look for the following information in French in the Internet, use French websites!

Write full sentences in French only.

Use my example of France in the Haiku to help you.

Comment s’appelle ton pays

Le Djibouti

Mon pays s’appelle: …………………Carl……………………………………

Une carte de mon pays

A map of my country

Où se trouve ton pays?

Where is your country?

Use these words to help you:

à coté de = next to

Le Djibouti à coté de est de l’Ethiopie et nord de La Somalie.

Comment s’appelle la capitale?

What is the name of the capital?

La capitale Le Djibouti est Le Djibouti ville.

Quatre grandes villes de mon pays

Four main cities in my country

Khor Angar, Yoboki. Baloh et Le Djibouti ville.

Les couleurs du drapeau

The colors of the flag

Bleu, blanc, rouge et vert.

Une image du drapeau

A picture of the flag

La langue

The language

La langue est Francais.

Le nom des habitants

the name of the inhabitants


Un personnage célèbre de mon pays

A celebrity from my country


Mon personnage célèbre est…

My celebrity is …..

Mon personnage célèbre est …

C’est un/une … Aucun

Il / elle est …

(Name) est ….







Un plat de mon pays

A dish from my country

La fete nationale

The national day

June 27

Persuasion Unit Reflection

(Above: Commercial boot camp for home lunch bringers)

these months grade 5`s UOI was persuasion. We learned about different technique for ads and commercials e.g humor. And how to target different audience`s like Kids, Moms, Dads…Some activities we did was where we had to look at a ad and write down what we saw and after 1 or 2 weeks we had to look at them again and then write what we saw. Our final work was to make a commercial. My group was Thyse,  Mina, Thu An and myself. our commercial was Boot camp for home lunch bringers.

Exhipition reflection

The past 5 weeks time grade 5 have been doing a exhibition. the first week we had to chose the thing we wanted to do for the exhibition. We got 3 papers with 5 questions like “How does this subject relate to our community at UNIS” or “How does this relate to Vietnam”. We also practiced in writing for and against. We where divided into groups and then we had to write for and against on some issues like The South China Sea and Pollution. The next week got to know our groups. my group was me and my brother. And our issue was… “History lessons at UNIS” because i really think we should have history lessons at UNIS Elementry school. Not to say any names but there was a fith grader who didn`t even know who Hitler was. I was only going to be in UNIS for 2 more weeks because i was going to Denmark. But we did make a survey that asked a lot of history questions. I think there maybe was too much reflecting so there was not a lot of time actually working.


By: Carl

Hatchet CROP-QV

This week i have been reading “Hatchet” by Gary Paulsen. This was about a boy called Brian who had to visit his dad in Canada. Before he flew his mom gave him a hatchet. then ha flew in a small bush plane to Canada. Then the plan crashed in the middle of a forest. With only one hatchet. the rest you can read your self. I think the book is really really good! It`s the best novel i have read so far in my life!







Artist statement

I chose to draw a city because it was the easiest thing to do. I used different kinds of pencils (2B, HB, 4B). I used One-point-perspective to draw the city. I smuged. I think it was the good because I am good at the One-point-perspective.

Artist statement picture

Carl Emil 5KW

The Miraculous Adventure Of Edward Tulane

This past 3 weeks in my lid circles group we have been reading The Miraculous Adventure Of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo. The book is about a rabbit who is owned by a girl. Edward is really selfish. One day the family is moving to London, United kingdoms.  on the ship two boys comes and throw him of the ship! my connection to this is that once i was on holiday in Norway me and my family sailed and i lost a toy. I think the book is really good and kind of easy. 4 out of 5 stars. 

By: Carl

                                           book cover (below)

Migration reflection

This 3 month grade 5 have had a UOI called “On the move: Migration” it was about people moving from one country/state/city to another. I really liked the first part about push and pull like why move? We also learned some history of the world. the last month was a bit like we where rushing to get everything finished. We did a rotation where we learned about different thing like push and pull. i really liked this unit because it relates to history and i really love History.

Agents for change reflection

a good agent for change is if you make a good sustainable action. action can be small and big you don`t just need to make a global change like making peace, you can just go around picking up trash you still help the earth. and small actions can become medium action that can become big actions. By Carl

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